Stir Fried Ginger and Scallion Fish

Hearty, healthy and nutritious, this stir-fried Ginger Scallion fish recipe is the perfect for busy days.

Velvety stir-fried red snapper soaked in sweet oyster sauce, topped with fragrant ginger, scallion and capsicums. Enjoy this delicious, quick low-calorie meal even on a busy weekday!

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Adjust Servings
2tbsp Cooking oil
50g Ginger slices
50g Garlic slices
3stalks Scallions Cut into 1 inch long pieces
45g Red capsicums Cut diagonal
45g Yellow capsicums Cut diagonal
Cooking oil for shallow frying
260g Red snapper fish slices
2tbsp Shaoxing wine
1 Egg white
1tbsp Cornstarch
1tbsp Oil
Salt and white pepper to taste
1tbsp water
1 1/2tsp Sugar
1tbsp Oyster sauce
1tbsp Chicken powder
1tbsp Sesame oil



Marinate fish slices with salt, pepper & Shaoxing wine, massage the ingredients gently.

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Add in egg white and continue to mix until fully absorbed. Add in cornstarch, mix well. Add cooking oil and mix until well combined.

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In a small mixing bowl, combine water, sugar, chicken powder and oyster sauce, mix well and set aside.

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In a pan, heat some oil, drop each fish slice in gently and give it a quick deep fry. Remember to fry them in batches to prevent fish slices sticking to each other. Dish up and drain dry. Make sure not to over fry as they will turn yellow. Set aside.

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With a little oil, pan fry ginger slices, garlic slices till fragrant.

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Pour in seasoning mixture and stir well.

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Add in red, green pepper and scallions, give it a quick mix.

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Add in fish slices, and sesame oil, mix and coat overthink evenly.

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Dish up and serve hot.

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