Karē Pan, Japanese Curry Bun – 咖喱面包

[Karē pan] is a really popular food or snack in Japan. Kare means Curry. Pan means Bread. This is Meatmen’s version of Japanese Curry Bun.

Using ingredients which are readily available in your local supermarket, you can make this dish with ease anytime you want!

Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside and filled with savoury mild curry. This deep-fried bread is nothing like the curry puff pastry you have eaten in Singapore, the chewy dough compliments with the oozing of delicious curry when you take a bite.

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  • Servings: 6 - 8 Buns

  • Time: 3 hrs

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 200g bread flour

  2. 3g instant yeast

  3. 20g unsalted butter

  4. 160g fresh milk

  5. 100g MARIGOLD Dawn Sweetened Beverage Creamer

  6. 3g salt

Japanese Curry Filling:

  1. 380g boneless and skinless chicken thigh, cut into small cubes

  2. 100g carrot (diced)

  3. 100g onion (diced)

  4. 120g potato (diced)

  5. 1 inch knob of grated ginger

  6. 2 cloves of grated garlic

  7. 30g small bell pepper (diced)

  8. 150ml water

  9. 1 box of Japanese curry sauce mix

  10. 2 eggs (for coating)

  11. 1½ cup panko (for final coating)



    1. Mix flour & instant yeast inside the mixer bowl. Attach dough hook onto mixer machine.

    2. In your mixer and mix in fresh milk followed by MARIGOLD Dawn Sweetened Beverage Creamer slowly. Mix till well combined.

    3. Sprinkle salt into a mixing bowl. Mix well.

    4. Add in butter cubes one by one.

    5. Let it mix for about 8 – 10 mins till dough is formed and the window pane stretch is achieved.

    6. Cover dough and let it proof for 1 hour.

    7. While waiting for the dough to proof. We will prepare the Japanese chicken curry.

    8. In a pan, sauté the onion, followed by grated ginger & garlic. Sauté till fragrant.

    9. Add in potato, carrot & red bell pepper, continue to sauté till cooked.

    10. Add in cut chicken cubes and continue to sauté till meat is cooked.

    11. Add in 150ml of water and sauté till all ingredients are softened.

    12. Add in one box of Japanese curry sauce mix. Mix it well. Simmer sauce till it thickens. Set aside to cool. ( You may want to cook this one day in advance and fridge it to get a thicker consistency.

    13. After 1 hour. Punch down the dough to release gas bubbles in the dough. Cut dough evenly into 6 - 8 equal balls (weigh them equally) and shape them accordingly sealing with seams side down. Let it rest for 10 mins.

    14. Flatten out each dough with your palm. With a rolling pin , roll the dough out into a slightly round shape of 4inch diameter. Scope a tbsp of curry filling onto the dough ,fold it into half and seal the edges by firming pinching it together.

    15. Cover dough with a damp cloth while working on the rest of the dough.

    16. Eggs wash each curry dough with a brush, then transfer to panko for final coating.

    17. Continue to let it proof for another 1 hour.

    18. Prepare pot for deep frying, medium heat. With seam side down, place each curry dough in. Do not overcrowd.

    19. Keep turning the curry dough while you are frying, till they turn golden brown.

    20. Drain dry over the wire rack.

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