Chicken Pao Fan

A twist to the classic Seafood Pao Fan, turn your leftover cooked rice into a delicious, hearty meal with this Chicken Pao Fan recipe. Using overnight rice soaked in umami-rich, chicken broth from scratch, topped off with crispy rice and fried egg floss, recreate this well-known Singaporean hawker dish at the comfort of your own […]

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Kueh Talam with Chendol

Chendol Kueh Talam is beautiful to look at, and full of textures and flavours! ?? Starting with the base, SIS Traditional Coconut Sugar Cubes and coconut milk mixture that gives a bouncy texture that we’re all familiar with in Kuehs. Pro-tip: Be extra careful when mixing the chendol top to keep them whole when steamed. SIS

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Beef Bolognese Pasta

Everyone’s got that one special ingredient that makes the Bolognese they grew up with the best. Ours has got to be the carrots and half-half minced pork and beef. Cooked in the beautiful and functional cookware by Smeg, the Bolognese sauce gets to simmer and the flavours really meld together. This hack has revolutionised how

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Seafood Bak Chang

This exciting take on Bak Chang is for seafood lovers! While not from any specific dialect group, the Seafood Bak Zhang recipe features a mouth-watering filling including baby abalone, crab, scallops, hei bi (dried shrimp) and salted egg.  On top of that, you can expect dumplings that are generously flavoured with XO sauce and oyster

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Chinese Beef Stew

More like a thick soup than a typical Western stew, this Chinese beef stew takes reference from Cantonese cooking and pairs vibrant flavours of daikon and carrots with rich earthy beefy goodness. We cooked over a stove but go ahead and use a pressure cooker / instant pot to braise the beef chucks quicker.

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Pineapple Buns

While the traditional Bolo buns don’t use pineapples, our recipe adds real pineapples for an extra tangy sweetness. These buns are made even better with Farmhouse fresh milk from Australia, giving them a natural milky flavour. In this video, we’ve used a BOSCH Kitchen Machine, and you can see how the accessories really supports with

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