Dim Sum Style Pork Ribs

30 mins


3-4 pax

Happy TGIF fellow homecooks! If you love dimsum and pork ribs, this is the perfect dish for weekend brunch! This dish is usually chopped into very small bite sizes BUT for greater satisfaction we cut them into larger chunks hehe 🙂 The key to making this dish great is to sauté the ribs first with the other ingredients to release the aromatics!
The perfect steamed pork ribs with black beans in our opinion, has a light appearance with plenty of flavor and a hint of black bean present.
Try recreating this dish at the comfort of your own home especially when you are not fond of crowded places to get your dim sum fix 🙂

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500g soft bone pork ribs
1tbsp Fermented dried black bean
1tbsp minced garlic
1tbsp light soy sauce
1tsp sliced chilli (de-seeded)
2tbsp fish sauce
2tbsp Shaoxing wine
1tbsp cornstarch
2tsp sugar to taste
1tbsp sesame oil
Scallions for garnishing (chopped)



Wash and drain pork ribs, set aside.
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In a mixing bowl, combine pork ribs, light soya sauce, fish sauce, Shaoxing wine, sugar and cornstarch, massage and mix well. Pour in sesame oil last, mix well again . Transfer to the fridge and marinate for 30 mins.
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De-seed and sliced chilli padis or regular chilli of your choice, set aside.
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Lightly wash and drain dried black beans, set aside
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In a wok, sauté garlic, sliced chilli, and fermented dried black beans till fragrant.
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Toss in the pork ribs and stir fry and mix well.
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Transfer to a steaming bowl and steam for 15 - 20mins.
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Garnish & serve hot.
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