Pork and Chive Dumplings

It’s time to do away with those store-bought dumplings. Why eat frozen dumplings when you can prepare your very own fresh dumplings at home from scratch! Juicy minced pork paired with that mild sweet and peppery zing of the chives, such simple ingredients but packed with bountiful flavours – the perfect quick fix to appease those dumpling cravings.
Rather than frying, steaming the dumplings brings about that seductively tender texture. This classic combination of pork and chives enclosed in that chewy dumpling skin is so simple to make, just an hour is enough to cook up a feast for a dim sum party. Ground pork is the most common ingredient used, but nothing compares to the versatility of homemade dumplings. Feel free to play around with different combinations of ingredients and fill your table and tummies with row after row of these tiny savoury delights. Just make sure not to miss out on the Shaoxing wine, those few drops are the vital point to perfecting that deep flavour.
How wonderful it is, something so simple can be so flavourful and satisfying. Save on those service charge and turn your next night out into a hands-on DIY dumpling get-together!
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Prepare filling. In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients except for sesame oil, 30g chopped spring onion and 150g chopped Chinese chives.
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Using your hands, mix the meat mixture in one direction for a minute. Then continuously slam it against the bowl. Repeat until a light and airy sticky paste forms.
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Add in sesame oil, spring onion and Chinese chives. Mix well and place in the fridge to rest while preparing the dough.
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Working with 1 dumpling wrapper at a time, lay it across the flattened palm of one hand.
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Put 1½ tsp filling in center of the dumpling skin. Hold the dumpling with one hand and start sealing the edges with the other hand. Do not let filling touch the sealing area when pressing the edges together to seal the dumpling. After folding, press edge again to seal well. Transfer sealed dumplings to a lightly floured tray.
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Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil.
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Carefully drop the dumplings into the water and keep them moving, so they don't stick to the bottom of the pot.
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Once the water come up to a boil, add in 1 cup of water.
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Once the water comes up to a boil again and dumplings float on the surface, Immediately transfer it to a plate.
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Serve hot with vinegar and chili sauce.
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