Fried Nian Gao

What better way to finish off your Lunar New Year meals with a sweet-savoury Fried Nian Gao? Think crispy, caramelised exterior and soft, mochi-like Nian Gao within. Even the pickiest of eaters would love this sweet, chewy, glutinous rice cake dish. Taste the sweetness of the gooey, homemade Nian Gao balanced out by the more […]

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Shrimp Mapo Tofu

Coming in hot is our 30 MIN Shrimp Mapo Tofu recipe. We’re using Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Pepper from McCormick Asia, enhancing the rich, spicy Sichuan-style sauce that complements the soft, creamy Fortune Silken Tofu from Fortune Tofu Singapore. Get yours at your nearest supermarket now.

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Indonesian Nasi Goreng

This Indonesian style fried rice is one of our favourite versions of fried rice! Using pre-made sambal belacan that you can get from the (Asian) supermarket, you can whip up this dish in 15 minutes, makes for a quick and satisfying meal. It is a great leftover rice recipe, using up extra cooked rice from

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Chinese Tomato Eggs Rice

This popular Chinese home-cooked dish is great for quick 15 minute meals. Sweet, tangy tomatoes mixed with creamy, well-seasoned eggs scrambled to perfection, it’s the staple of healthy, comfort food that families would enjoy. More Egg recipes: Chinese Style Steamed Egg with Minced Pork Beginner Asian Egg Fried Rice Salted Egg Yolk 3 Ways

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