Steamed Tofu with Minced Meat

This is a super simple and light dish which works great (The meat filling is also really simple to make!) when paired with other heavy tasting dishes.
We used Vitasoy Organic Sprouted Tofu, which has this great natural soybean-ey aroma and silky smooth texture. Combine that with steaming – a delicate cooking technique which draws out and retains the natural sweetness and textures of the key ingredients, and you have yourself a great dish with no pressure.
Try cooking this dish for your family and let us know if you like it!

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2blocks Vitasoy organic sprouted tofu - Steam
80g shelled prawns
80g minced pork
2water chestnuts (peeled and chopped)
2tbsp chopped spring onions and chilies
1tbsp light soy sauce
1tsp sesame oil
1tsp hua tiao wine
½white pepper
½tsp salt
4wolfberries (soaked)
1sprig spring onion
1tbsp light soy sauce
1tbsp hua tiao wine
1tbsp water
1tbsp oyster sauce
1tsp sesame oil



Trim sides of 2 blocks of Vitasoy organic sprouted tofu - Steam
Mark as complete

Cut each block into half lengthwise
Mark as complete

Using a small spoon scoop a hole in the center of the tofu blocks
Mark as complete

Mince 80g of shelled prawns
Mark as complete

Add 80g minced pork, 2 water chestnuts (peeled and chopped) and 2 tbsp chopped spring onions chili mixture
Mark as complete

Season with 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp hua tiao wine, ½ white pepper and ½ tsp salt
Mark as complete

Mix well and add minced mixture to the top of the tofu
Mark as complete

Add a soaked wolfberry on each tofu block
Mark as complete

In a bowl mix 1 tbsp light soy sauce, 1 tbsp hua tiao wine, 1 tbsp water, 1 tbsp oyster sauce and 1 tsp sesame oil
Mark as complete

Mix well and drizzle over tofu
Mark as complete

Steam for 8-10 mins
Mark as complete

Cut spring onions into strands
Mark as complete

Remove tofu from steamer
Mark as complete

Garnish with spring onions
Mark as complete

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