Sio Bak 烧肉

The meat men really wouldnt be meatmen without cooking MEAT, so we decided one day to do a FULL meat power dish that many people can enjoy!

Sio bak, or 烧肉 in chinese, is a dish popular with many people locally. The crispy skin of the pork, combined with the juicy flavor in the oozing meat makes this recipe a killer winner. Do know that it might take about 4 hours to air the meat once marinated, so prepare to wait a couple of hours before you get to taste it. The key to this recipe is in the crispyness of the meat, so eat it while the meat is still crackling!


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  • Servings: 10 pax

  • Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 4kg of pork belly

  2. 2 tbsp of salt

  3. 4 cubes of fermented red beancurd

  4. 2 tbsp of 5 spice powder

  5. 2 tbsp of coarse sea salt

  6. 2 tbsp of ground white pepper

  7. 2 tbsp rice wine

  8. Rice vinegar (for brushing over skin)

  9. Metal skewers (4-6 skewers)

  10. Meat pricker (alternatively a fork would do)


  1. Wash & dry the pork belly.

  2. Rub the sea salt onto skin evenly.

  3. Mix the fermented red beancurd, 5 spice powder, sea salt and pepper and apply the mixture on the underside of the meat.

  4. Poke the pork belly over it's skin (you can use a fork, we got ourselves a pricker).

  5. Skew the meat with skewers to keep the belly flat while roasting.

  6. After skewing, put meat into the oven at 200 degrees celsius.

  7. Take out the meat after 2 hours, and brush the skin once again with white vinegar.

  8. Place the meat back in the over and place it in the top layer at maximum heat until skin chars.

  9. Take the meat out, and scrape the charred bits off the top.

  10. Remove the metal skewers, and rest the meat for 30 minutes.

  11. Enjoy cutting THICK CHUNKS of delicious pork belly to savour!

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