Seafood Green Curry with Coconut Brown Rice

Thai Green curry is spicy with a hint of sweetness. Our freshly made spice paste combines with thick coconut milk to yield rich and aromatic flavours.
That, plus our homemade spice paste and fresh succulent seafood makes the curry light and naturally sweet.
Next we made the perfect companion for our curry. Heavenly Brown Rice cooked in coconut water. Nutty-tasting brown rice infused with the fragrance from fresh coconut water, aromatics and pandan…Absolutely delicious!
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Adjust Servings
600g seafood (mix of fish, squid and prawns)
2red chilli (sliced)
500ml coconut milk (divided into 2 portions)
4green eggplants (quartered)
3kaffir lime leaves
¼cup pea eggplants
3tbsp fish sauce
2tbsp Thai palm sugar
4sprigs Thai Basil (leaves only)
300ml water
1tbsp lime juice
Green Curry Paste:
½tbsp coriander powder
¾tsp cumin powder
¼tsp ground black pepper
2coriander roots (chopped)
20g galangal
30g garlic
60g shallots
2stalks lemongrass (chopped)
3kaffir lime zest (peeled with a knife)
½tsp shrimp paste
12green chilli padis (adjust to preference)
¼cup water
Coconut Rice
250g Heavenly brown rice (washed and drained)
600ml coconut water
6slices galangal
3kaffir lime leaves
2stalks lemongrass (bruised)
½tsp salt



Cook 250g Heavenly brown rice with 600ml coconut water, 6 slices galangal, 3 kaffir lime leaves, 2 stalks lemongrass (bruised) and ½ tsp salt in a rice cooker. Remove aromatics once rice is cooked
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Blend green curry paste ingredients in a food processor to a fine paste. Set aside.
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In a wok on medium heat, pour in the first portion of coconut milk. Reduce to half.
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Add in the green curry paste, mix well and fry until fragrant and oil starts to separate.
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Pour in the 2nd portion of coconut milk and 300ml water.
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Add in the green eggplants and simmer until ¾ cooked.
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Gently tear the kaffir lime leaves and add it in with the pea eggplants.
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Season with 3 tbsp fish sauce and 2 tbsp Thai palm sugar.
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Gently place in the seafood.
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When the seafood is cooked, turn off the stove. Pour in the lime juice and add Thai basil leaves.
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Serve with Heavenly coconut rice.
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