Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua

The Taiwanese came up with the idea of adding oysters and braised pig intestines to this simple dish which made it wildly popular.
Mee-sua is made of wheat flour. During the cooking process, starch is released into the soup which acts as a thickening agent. Our version of the stock is made with bonito flakes, dried cuttle fish and chicken stock, which makes it so tasty!
The smooth texture, coupled with juicy oysters is so simple yet irresistible. Best way to enjoy this dish is to send it slurping into your mouth! For those who love vinegar, this goes really well with black vinegar!

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300g oyster meat fresh / frozen
cup fried shallots
2tbsp sweet potato starch
130g mee sua (chinese wheat flour noodle)
1tsp dark soy sauce
4tbsp cornstarch mix with ½ cup water (adjust to desired consistency)
Fresh coriander
Black vinegar
1dried cuttlefish
1.5 L water
1.5 L chicken stock
20g sliced ginger
8cloves garlic skin on
50g dried shaved bonito
1tbsp ground white peppercorn coriander mixture
1tbsp rice wine
1tbsp light soy sauce



Soak 1 dried cuttlefish in hot water for 15 mins
Mark as complete

Add to pot 1.5 L water, 1.5 L chicken stock, soaked cuttlefish, 20g sliced ginger and 8 cloves garlic skin on
Mark as complete

Let it simmer for 30 minutes, turn heat off
Mark as complete

Turn heat back on, add 1 tbsp rice wine and 1 tbsp light soy sauce
Mark as complete

Wash and drain 300g oyster meat, add 2 tbsp sweet potato starch and coat oysters
Mark as complete

Blanch oysters for 15-30 seconds depending on size, strain and pop in cold water
Mark as complete

Once the oysters cool down and stop cooking, drain and set aside
Mark as complete

Add 50g dried shaved bonito and 1 tbsp ground white peppercorn coriander mixture
Mark as complete

Let it sit for 5 minutes, drain stock through a cheesecloth
Mark as complete

Add to soup stock ⅓ cup fried shallots and 1 tsp dark soy sauce
Mark as complete

Add 130g mee sua to soup stock, cook until softened
Mark as complete

Thicken soup with corn starch solution (4 tbsp cornstarch mix with ½ cup water), adjust amount to desired consistency.
Mark as complete

Serve mee sua soup, with blanched oysters, black vinegar and fresh coriander
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