Mee Siam

Mee Siam, as the name suggests, means Siamese noodles. It is a perfect dish for breakfast as the beehoon (thin rice vermicelli) soaked in the light and sour-tasting gravy immediately awakens up your appetite!
It is made by stir-frying beehoon in spices and then drenching it in gravy. (Our Malaysian friends may be more familiar with the stir-fried version)
In Singapore, you can basically see Malay, Chinese, Indian and even Peranakan stall owners selling Mee Siam. This is truly a very well loved dish!!

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Soak 60g dried shrimps in hot water for 30 mins and drain
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Soak 200g bee hoon in hot water for 30 mins and drain
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To food processor add 100g shallots, 8 cloves garlic, 30g belacan, 100g dried chili paste, 50g fresh chili paste and blend into fine paste
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Stir fry 200g prawn heads and shells in 3 tbsp oil
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Add ⅔ of spice paste, 2 litres chicken stock, 4 tbsp taucheo and 3 tbsp assam paste mixed with 3 tbsp hot water
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Season with 2 tsp salt (adjust to taste) and 1 tbsp sugar (adjust to taste)
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Boil for 30 mins
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Poach prawns in gravy
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Add 3 tbsp oil to pan, then dried shrimps and stir fry till fragrant
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Add the remaining ⅓ of spice paste and beehoon
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Season with 1 tsp salt (adjust to taste)
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Add 1 cup beansprouts and stir fry until the chili paste coats beehoon evenly
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To serve add ¼ bee hoon to bowl and enough gravy to cover the beehoon then top with sliced hard boiled egg, fried tau gua, tau pok cubes, poached prawns, chives and calamansi
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