Fish Head Steamboat – 鱼头炉

Fish head steamboat is comfort food for many, especially on a rainy day. We’ve created a recipe so you can enjoy the dish from the comfort of your home.

The ‘hero’ of this dish is without doubt the fish, or in this case, the grouper. It needs to be very fresh to make the rich simmering broth and we’ve sourced ours from a local farm.

To top off, we’ve included a variety of homegrown vegetables like spinach, kai lan, nai bai, cai xin and oyster mushrooms.

If you are looking for fresh ingredients for your next meals, get yours from local farms. You can identify them by the “SG Fresh Produce” logo at supermarkets and online. Here’s to supporting our local farmers!

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  • Servings: 4 pax

  • Time: 1 hour

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 800g locally farmed Grouper / red snapper fish(Debone and fillet fish slices, bones and tail keep for stock)

  2. 1½ pieces dry sole fish (medium size)

  3. 3 litres chicken/ ikan bilis stock

  4. 40g ginger slices

  5. 1 stalk spring onion

  6. ½ cup hua tiao wine

  7. Salt or fish sauce to taste

  8. Oil for frying

  9. 400g yam

  10. 2 tomatoes (cut into wedges)

  11. 1 block silken tofu

  12. Ingredients

    Toppings (to mix and match):

    1. 100g locally farmed spinach

    2. 100g locally farmed kai lan

    3. 100g locally farmed Nai bai

    4. 100g locally farmed Cai xin

    5. 150g locally farmed oyster mushroom


    1. Pan fry / toast dry sole fish until brown and fragrant set side.

    2. Fillet and debone grouper, cut fillet into slices.

    3. Shallow fry fish bones and fish head until brown in the pan. Set aside.

    4. In a pot, add 2 tbsp oil and stir fry ginger slices and spring onions until fragrant.

    5. Add in ikan bilis stock and bring to a simmer. Stir in toasted sole fish, fish bone, fish head and yam slices to soup.

    6. Season to taste with salt or fish sauce and add in hua tiao wine. Simmer for 20 minutes.

    7. Transfer stock and fish head into a steamboat pot.

    8. Add locally farmed oyster mushrooms, tomatoes, locally farmed kai lan, locally farmed Cai xin, locally farmed Nai bai, locally farmed spinach and silken tofu.

    9. Dip and cook fish slices to preference in the steamboat. Enjoy!

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