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Bite into this nostalgic, comforting Soy Sauce Chicken! Its recipe is so simple, this can be your next to-go chicken recipe for th

super easy

Watch Jon make carrot cake from scratch (yes, he actually shreds the radish) and see how it transforms into the starchy, eggy good


This Cantonese Fried Bee Hoon recipe is a MUST-TRY noodle recipe for any homecook! Also known as Xiang Di Mi Fen (香底米粉), t

super easy

Warm up cold weather seasons and find comfort in eating a bowl of Nonya Salted Vegetable Duck Soup made from scratch. Also known a


1Ever wondered how else you could use lotus root besides the usual Lotus Root & Pork Rib Soup?   This Stuffed Lotus Root


What better way to finish off your Lunar New Year meals with a sweet-savoury Fried Nian Gao? Think crispy, caramelised exterior an

1 hour


You can’t go wrong with this Cantonese Crispy Fried Chicken recipe! In just 15 MINUTES, you get a crispy plate of goodness.


Nothing hits the spot like a good hotpot during Chinese New Year reunion dinner with the family! Let’s switch it up for CNY

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Being in one of the most culinary diverse countries, food runs in our blood (almost literally). We love food so much that our hawker culture is on a UNESCO list! #SGProud. You can expect a lot of culture sharing through food recipes. We also explore everything culinary-related.

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