6 Cocktail Recipes You Can Make at Home

Easy and beginner-friendly cocktails

Ever wanted to end a meal on a bang with something more than desserts? Or finding a simple way to impress a date? How about elevating your meal with a home-made cocktail?

For you alcohol lovers, it’s time to unleash your inner bartender. We have curated 6 easy cocktail recipes from Raise The Bar (Our drunkard page for cocktail recipes) for you to give it a whirl and stir!

1. Singapore Sling

Many Singaporeans have the common misconception that the Singapore Sling is an overly sweet booze-up fruit punch. This may be true if you have it in some bars but not when you make it fresh and home on your own. Use this recipe for a perfectly balanced and complex-tasting cocktail, and if you still find it too sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar since you’re making it yourself at home!

Fun Fact: This cocktail was created around the year of 1915 at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel. 


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2. Milo Rum Cocktail

Reminiscent of a Bailey’s meets Milo Dinosaur drink, this milky concoction appeals to the child in us.Savor the malted chocolatey goodness and the infusion of good old rum!

We recommend this recipe for creators who want to try something new but not stray too far from the familiar path.With Milo powder as the star of the recipe, this everyday household item is easily accessible in your pantry. No excuses for not making this!


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3. Mojito

When we think of classic cocktails, this  probably fits right in the beginner’s starter pack! With an abundance of mint leaves, let the cooling sensation take you to the breezy beaches of Bali in the comfort of your Bishan home (*cries in holiday mood).

Tip: For a virgin mojito version, replace the rum with soda water so your non-alcoholic friends can join in the fun too.


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4. Batanga (Tequila Cocktail)

Using only 3 ingredients: coke, lime and tequila, this classic Tequila cocktail is so simple that you could practically do this with your eyes closed. The only prep work required is slicing the lime – specifically 15ml, or 1 lime per serving. End the night by indulging in the refreshing sweet and zesty sensation that Batanga has to offer!


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5. Hanky Panky

Add a little spice to your date night with some Hanky Panky. Wut, we digress.

This drink is anything but subtle; enjoy the complex flavors of sweet vermouth and bitter herbaceous Fernet-Branca (a type of bittersweet liqueur). If you don’t have Fernet Branca lying around at home, you could also substitute with italian herbal liqueurs that taste bitter such as Campari and even Worcestershire sauce!

Too paiseh (shy) to order these risqué sounding cocktails at bars? Now you have the power to create this drink at the comfort of your home. And don’t forget to give your partner some sweet lovin’ after.


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6.Coffee Tonic

Marrying the wonders of coffee and rum, this drink is an instant pick-me-up. The shot of espresso intensifies the drink’s flavor profile and kick-starts your brain. Get ready to transform into a great conversationalist at date night or post-dinner parties!


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Easy Cocktail Recipes 2023

As a lover of cocktails, I frequent cocktail bars regularly and look forward to having the bartender put on a grand show of cocktail mixing.

Perhaps it was the beckoning of my inner performer, I was curious to try making my own cocktails and found that it wasn’t such a daunting experience. Plus, there isn’t a need to purchase full fledged bar equipment, I started with the basic starter pack of

  • A Cocktail Shaker
  • A Double Jigger
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Hawthorne Strainer

My number 1 tip is to prepare lots of ice. You can make them in different shapes depending on the drink. Some recipes may require a tall glass which calls for a rectangular ice cube or a sphere ice cube.There is a whole lot of science to making clear ice as well ( Not to be confused with the clear ice from Walter White!), but don’t fret if you’re a beginner. 

After all, we don’t get things right the first time, and it’s perfectly alright! Be open to tweaking the recipes to your preference. Tag and share with us in your creations in our Meatmen FB Group, we would love to see your masterpieces!


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