Noodles Galore: 10 Noodle Recipes Ranked From Easy to Difficult

Easy noodle recipe


If you always find yourself with cup/instant noodles at the end of the day, we have just what you need! A staple in most Asian households, noodles are the perfect go-tos offering a huge variety of flavours.


Expand your “noodle vocabulary” and attempt your very own noodle dish with us. Here are 10 noodle recipes ranked by difficult for beginners and experienced home-cooks alike. 


1. SUPER EASY: Economic Bee Hoon

Ranked the easiest, this is a recipe that is made for everyone— even cooking beginners! Not only are the ingredients easily found in your pantry and simple to prepare, the steps are also very straightforward. Suitable for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, the Economic Bee Hoon is perhaps one of the most versatile noodle dish there is around here.


The key to this dish is to fry the beehoon evenly with the oil + chopped garlic mixture before adding water into the pan. This will ensure sufficient absorption of the oily, garlicky flavours into the vermicelli but still keeping it moist at the same time. 



Preparation Time: 30 Minutes. Serves 2 to 3


2. EASY: Chow Mein (Chinese Soy Sauce Fried Noodles)

Looking for an easy dish that you can serve quickly at a party? The Chow Mein is your answer. With preparation steps similar to that of the Economic Bee Hoon, there just a slight added difficulty here: maintaining the crisp texture of the Chow Mein. 


But the answer is easy, really. You just have to spray a small amount of oil into the pan while you fry the noodles, and voila! This helps to keep your noodles well fried and crispy. As a dish which promises flexibility, feel free to add additional proteins and vegetables as you deem fit. We’re sure it’ll taste more delicious this way! 



Preparation Time: 15 Minutes. Serves 3 to 4 


3. EASY: Stir Fried Hor Fun (or Chor Fun)


A must-order at Zi Char stalls, we all know how delightful and comforting a good plate of Hor Fun is. While it seems to be a complex dish, it is actually pretty easy to whip up a mean plate of hor fun! Whether you like it dried or with gravy, we got you covered for both renditions. 


A pro-tip that would elevate the flavour of your hor fun/chor fun will be to stir-fry the noodles with leftover oil previously used to fry meat. For the gravy version, it would be good to include a cornstarch slurry (2 tbsp cornstarch to 4 tbsp water) to maintain the viscous texture of the gravy. 



Preparation Time: 30 Minutes. Serves 2 to 3 


4. EASY: Penang Char Kway Teow

As the pandemic situation stabilises, it is heartening to see travel restrictions easing. While we wait for our next trip to Malaysia, why don’t we try our hands on this classic Penang Char Kway Teow recipe?


Best fried using a wok (to obtain the slightly charred, signature ‘wok-hei’ flavour), don’t forget your lap cheong (traditional chinese sausage), prawns and cockles, which are characteristic ingredients in this Penang classic. If you prefer, some pork lard and pork crackles will definitely make your kway teow even more mouthwatering than it already is!



Preparation Time: 30 Minutes. Serves 2-3. 


4. NORMAL: Handmade Ban Mian/Mee Hoon Kueh

 Bringing up the difficulty by a little, here’s a dish which is still relatively easy to prepare but requires much more patience and time. Yes, that the handmade Ban Mian/Mee Hoon Kueh i’m referring to.


The challenging part of this recipe is to prepare all the components required for the final assembling. This includes the manual kneading of the noodles, brewing of the soup stock and individual preparation (stir-frying, deep frying) of other ingredients and garnishes. However, we assure you that your efforts will reflect in the taste of your final dish! Remember, going slow but steady here will reap you the best results.



Preparation Time: 2 Hours 20 Minutes. Serves 3-4. 


5. NORMAL: Curry Chicken Noodles

When we talk about something spicy yet wickedly addictive, it has to be curry. The key to a perfect bowl of curry noodles has to a well-balanced curry gravy. Lucky for you, we have just a few tips to accomplish that. 


Depending on your preferences for creaminess, modify the amount of coconut milk you add into the gravy mixture. Additionally, to counter the potentially jelak-ness of the cream, squeezing some lemon in will be useful. Lastly, don’t forget about your curry leaves, potatoes and tau pok— all necessities for a good bowl of curry noodles!



Preparation Time: 1 hour 20 mins. Serves 3 to 4. 

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6. NORMAL: Hainanese Braised Beef Noodles


Another hot favourite in Singapore, braised beef noodles somehow just hits the spot every time. Just two things to note to perfect the braised beef stew: 1) blanch both the beef shin and marinated beef slices to remove scums from the soup surface and 2) add some cornstarch slurry to allow the gravy to thicken and obtain that sticky texture.


To add a final touch to the dish, salted vegetables and grounded peanuts are typically used as garnishes. However, feel free to go creative with it; its your version after all!  



Preparation Time: 2 hours. Serves 3 to 4 


7. NORMAL: Beef Bolognese


After all the Asian-styled noodle dishes, let’s switch it up with our western favourite: pastas! Among the many types, I’ve got to say that bolognese has got a special place in my heart for its intricate and addictive taste.


Meat plays an important role in bolognese, and we used a combination of minced beef and minced pork in our recipe. The gaminess of the meat is also skilfully removed with the generous addition of red wine and tomato paste, on top of the various diced vegetables. Top the al-dente pasta, coated with a rich sauce, with some parmesan cheese and you’re in for a delightful treat!



Preparation Time: 3 hours. Serves 8. 


8. DIFFICULT: KL Hokkien Mee

Unlike the typical hokkien mee we eat in foodcourts, the KL (Kuala Lumpur) version differs in terms of appearance— KL hokkien mee are dark in colour due to the high usage of soy sauce. 


While it is an interesting variation, the steps to preparing it remain relatively the same as the usual hokkien mee. Seafood such as prawns and squids are used to zhng up the dish, and if you like, you could also add some pork lard for a smooth and moist flavour.



Preparation Time: 45 Minutes. Serves 3. 


9. DIFFICULT: Fried Hokkien Noodles with Prawns


Introducing the classic rendition of hokkien mee, take your cooking experience up a notch with this dish! A slightly more challenging dish to create, we advise interested cooks to follow the detailed steps in our recipe closely for optimal results.


The most important components, similarly, are the pork bone broth and the wide array of seafood that would give a well-balanced and savoury taste. Although the broth requires some work (needing de-shelled prawns), rest assure that it will make a huge difference in the end result. Feel free to add whichever seafood you like, and get ready to be blown away by the umami they bring to the plate.



Preparation Time: 2 Hours 20 Minutes. Serves 4. 


Noodle recipes

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