Fusion Japanese Noodles

Continuing our series on Japanese noodles, today’s recipe will be a cool one with a fusion twist – using Hakubaku’s Organic Udon to create a rendition of KL Hokkien Mee (yes the version famous for the dark sauce), and Organic Somen to create a creamy Thai Turmeric Chicken Somen dish!
Both recipes are 30 minute quick treats, ready for a family of 4. We like more lard for the Hokkien udon, like how many prefer it! 😀 You can find Hakubaku in major supermarkets around Singapore! Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/HakubakuSG/
KL Hokkien Udon
Servings: 4 pax
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Skill level: Easy

  • 1 packet Hakubaku organic udon
  • 400g Pork lard (cut into cubes)
  • 150g Pork belly ( cut into bite sizes)
  • 8 pieces prawns (deveined & shelled)
  • 1 whole squid (cut into bite sized pieces)
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp dark caramel sauce
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 tsp flat fish powder
  • 100g cai xin (cut into bite sized pieces)
  • 100ml prawn stock
  • 3 tbsp hua tiao wine


  1. Cut pork belly into small bite sizes and set aside.
  2. In a pan, fry pork lard until crispy and fragrant. Reserve all pork lard oil for later use.
  3. Cook Hakubaku organic udon in boiling water for 8 minutes. Drain and dip into cold water, set aside after.
  4. In a wok pan, add 1 tbsp of pork lard, add pork belly and minced garlic, stir fry until fragrant.
  5. Add in Hakubaku organic udon and continue to stir well.
  6. Add in light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fish sauce and flat fish powder, mix well to combine.
  7. Push noodles aside and add another tbsp of pork lard, add in prawns and squid. Stir fry until semi cooked and mix well.
  8. Add in cai xin, prawn stock, hua tiao wine and continue to stir fry until slightly slightly saucy.
  9. Transfer to a serving plate and garnish with more pork lardons.

Thai Tumeric Chicken Somen
Servings: 4 pax
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Skill level: Easy

  • 4 pieces chicken leg (thigh and drumstick separated)
  • 500g coconut milk
  • 100ml Tamarind juice (1 tbsp tamarind pulp mixed with 130ml water)
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 packet of 270g Hakubaku organic somen
  • 3 tbsp cooking oil
  • Water if required

Spice paste:

  • 20 pieces dried chillies (rehydrated)
  • 6 candlenuts
  • 15 pieces shallots
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 inch knob turmeric
  • 1 inch galangal
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 3 pieces Kaffir lime leaves
  • 3 stalks lemongrass (white part only)


  1. Combine ingredients under spice paste and blend until fine and smooth with a food processor.
  2. In a pan with 3 tbsp cooking oil on medium low heat, add in spice paste and stir fry for 8-10 minutes until fragrant and colour darkens.
  3. Add in chicken leg and coat evenly. Add coconut milk
  4. Pour in coconut milk, tamarind juice, salt and mix well. Bring it to a simmer. Cook for 15 minutes on low heat until the gravy slightly thickens and chicken are tender.
  5. Prepare Hakubaku organic somen. Bring a pot of water to a boil. 
  6. Boil Hakubaku organic somen for 2 minutes. Drain and dip into cold water, set aside after.
  7. Divide somen into 4 servings, serve with turmeric chicken and gravy. Garnish with thinly sliced kaffir lime leaves and serve.
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