Thareed Laheem

Thareed is a popular Middle Eastern dish, especially during Ramadan. Traditionally, this dish consists of pieces of lamb cooked in a spiced broth, layered with pieces of flatbread. This is a hearty meal that provides complete nutrition after a day of fasting. According to Islamic history, Thareed is the favourite meal of the Prophet Mohammed, especially

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Almond Pulp Granola

With the leftover pulp from the Almond Milk recipe, this granola is made by toasting almond pulp and mixing in your favourite ingredients! For Khalil, he chose to add in date syrup to slightly sweeten the crumble, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and a dash of salt for flavour. Here’s how some ingredients can make the recipe

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Seafood Kimchi Pasta

Cream + Kimchi? This Creamy Kimchi Seafood Pasta is the perfect combination of velvety and umami! We’re using Thickened Cream from Australia’s No. 1 Fresh Cream brand @bullafamilydairy. Made using fresh Australian milk, this multi-purpose cream can be whipped, cooked, and poured into any dish! 😉

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