Bird Nest Mooncake, Snowskin Mooncake and More to Try In 2022

Mooncakes Singapore 2022


Mid-autumn festival (also known as Mooncake festival) is coming up quickly! Falling on 10th September, the festival brings about yet another season of bright lanterns, family reunions, and of course, delicious mooncakes. 


Just in time, we’ve got several amazing mooncake recipes for you to try at home. From traditional lotus-paste mooncakes to our all-new Bird’s Nest mooncakes, this guide will have all you need to know to prepare this delicacy at home. 



1. Bird’s Nest Mooncake

“I never thought of putting bird’s nest inside a mooncake before” – Jon 


Well, neither had we! But given the umami and indulgent flavour of bird’s nest, it’s an instinctively perfect match to the sweetness and crumbly-chewy mouthfeel of mooncakes. That’s why we came up with two new bird’s nest mooncake recipes for you to try at home.


The first filling, Red Dates with White Lotus Paste, combines the mellow sweetness of red dates with the creamy lotus paste, adding an interesting depth of flavour to the baked mooncake. The second filling, Orange Peel (Chen Pi) White Lotus Paste, has an extra tangy aroma from the orange peel, leaving a pleasant and refreshing flavour after each bite — none of that jelak-ness that normally comes midway through a mooncake. 


Of course, not forgetting the luxurious bite into bird’s nest, packed richly into the centre of the mooncake. It’s a homemade indulgence guaranteed to impress not only your own tastebuds but also any guests you might have over for the night. 


Don’t have time to make this from scratch? Eu Yan Sang’s Bird’s Nest Mooncakes 2022 can be found in retail stores or online — and they’re pretty yummy too!  



Serves 12 pieces


2. Classic Mooncake


While we’re in the realm of the baked mooncakes, this classic mooncake recipe can’t be left out. Follow our tried-and-tested recipe to achieve the soft, golden skin, just the right proportion of classic lotus filling and a tantalising salted egg yolk to seal the deal. 


The recipe is pretty simple for beginners, taking just under an hour to make a set of 6 mooncakes. To make it even more beginner-friendly, go for a plastic mould over the traditional wooden moulds! It seems like a small difference, but will save you lots of time and effort to remove the mooncake from the mould. 


Not to worry if you can’t find the coveted lye water — our recipe uses alkaline water instead to counter the acidity of the dark golden syrup, and it works just fine. Just remember your light egg wash towards the tail end of the baking time for an extra shine! 



Preparation Time: 50 minutes. Serves 6 pieces


3. Traditional Mooncakes

We all know the classic mooncakes, but did you know there are also various specialities? The Teochew mooncake has a flaky exterior and a hearty sweet yam filling, while the Hainanese mooncakes have a special “salt-and-pepper” flavour. 


Size-wise, almost nothing can beat the large Hakka mooncake or Hokkien mooncake pastries. The former is made with glutinous flour and water (no filling!), while the latter has a sweet filling with winter melon and tangerine peel. That said, you don’t have to take a bite to differentiate the two — the Hokkien mooncake normally comes with an iconic red stamp. 


There are so many variations — watch us try them all! 


4. Chocolate Snowskin Mooncake


Chewy, mochi-like and served cold, this no-bake chocolate snowskin mooncake recipe has the most “dessert feel”, sure to please kids and elderly alike. What’s more, there’s no need for breadflour, hours in the kitchen or even an oven. 


The key to a successful snowskin mooncake lies in the skin, which should be thin enough to avoid a jaw workout, but thick enough to keep all the sweet filling in. A protip is to spend extra time to knead the dough well, reducing its stickiness and making sure it fits the mould properly. 


In this recipe, we use a chocolate lotus paste, but feel free to opt for a variety of flavours! You can switch for the timeless lotus paste, add white almonds flakes for crunch, or even creamy durian flesh for a snowskin durian mooncake



Preparation Time: 20 mins. Serves 8 pieces


Easy Mooncake Recipe

It’s super easy to buy mooncakes in a myriad of flavours these days — but if you want to skip forking out extravagant dollars, or biting into mooncakes that are far too sweet for your taste, making your own might just be the best option. 


If you’ve tried any of our recipes, or have your own mooncake secret, we want to hear from you! Share your creations on our Meatmen FB Community Page, or leave a comment on our social media channels! 




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