15 Delicious Frozen Food Recipes So You Don’t Need Go To The Wet Market

Header image adapted from @mindytanphoto and TODAY  Frozen Food Recipes The Covid-19 virus has recently gotten a new target — wet markets in Singapore. As every trip to the wet market becomes a little riskier, perhaps it’s best to avoid the wet market crowds for now.    That said, not to worry as we’ve got […]

11 Fuss-Free Air-Fryer Recipes You Can Make To Impress Your In-Laws

Easy Air-Fryer Recipes Air-fryers might just be the best thing since sliced bread. It saves us so much time, from preheating the oven to mopping oily floors after deep frying. And the best part? It can help even the noob-est of cooks whip up amazing dishes that are bound to impress.    From full meals […]

8 Durian-Food Combinations: Hit Or Miss?

Header Image Adapted from SkaterCoder and The Chalk Farm  Durians Singapore Love it or hate it, durian season is upon us. Durians are perfectly fine on their own, but if you’re looking to zhng it up or buy something nice for your durian-loving friend, you’re in the right place! We’re on the hunt for the […]

10 People Tell Us Their Honest Thoughts On The BTS Meal

BTS Meal Singapore Singapore has seen its fair share of international celebrities promoting “local” things (Hello, Cristiano Ronaldo x Shopee). But the one that has created the most buzz recently is none other than the purple-packaged BTS Meal from McDonald’s.    Online reviews for the meal, which includes a large coke, 9-piece McNuggets and 2 […]

6 Hawker Food Recipes To Recreate At Home So You Can Eat With >1 Person

Hawker Food Recipes If there’s anything learnt from 2021, it’s how precious dining out is. Even with some eased restrictions, the 2 pax limit looms over bigger family and friend groups who have to play Thanos and decide who to cut.    Well, save the trouble with these 6 tried-and-tested hawker recipes for you to […]

Fathers’ Day 2021: I Cooked with My Dad for the First Time in 23 Years

Fathers’ Day Recipes Like many other 20-somethings, my cooking skills don’t go beyond the occasional aglio olio. My dad, on the other hand, is a bit of a foodie. As a freelance emcee, he’s hosted cooking shows and knows — within a second of you asking — where the best Laksa or Chicken Rice is […]

Bak Zhang Fest 2021: 5 Handmade Bak Zhang Recipes

Dragon Boat Festival 2021 Even in a pandemic, some things don’t change, and that includes the Bak Zhang Festival! Albeit with smaller gatherings, we’re certain that many of you will be busy at home making your own bak zhangs. If you’re looking to improve your recipe from last year, or explore new recipes and bak […]

6 Delicious Local Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day

Singapore Breakfast Recipes Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, but frankly, it’s hard to find a good variety. Often, our breakfast routines are just bread, cereal and repeat.    Even here in our food paradise, amazing breakfasts can be hard to get, unless getting up at 7AM to […]

5 Recipes You Can Prepare Under 30 Minutes VS Waiting for Food Delivery

Easy and Fast Recipes Tis’ the season of dabao-ing and food delivery — it’s back to CB Phase 2, and that means dining out is no longer an option. If your priorities are comfort and convenience (like just about every Singaporean), chances are that you’ve ordered food in to avoid making a two-way trip out […]