Snowskin Durian Mooncake

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With a week more to the mooncake festival, here’s our healthier rendition to making a snowskin mooncake, and what else can be more local than to do a DURIAN one!
As we are making the snowskin version, you don’t even need to get involved with baking – it’s really simple, just that you’ll need to ensure that you need to freeze the lotus paste & durian mix for it to be hard enough to work with. A wooden mould is nice to use, but for it’s highly recommended for beginners to use the plastic mould.

It’s really yummy if you intend to use Mao Shan Wang durians, but it’s not a must to have – now you can easily have snowskin durian mooncakes ready for the festival!
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300g snowskin mix (mix 200g fried glutinous rice flour / kaofen with 100g icing sugar, adjust to your preference)
60g shortening
200ml water (adjust to texture)
250g lotus seed paste
250g durian flesh
¼cup glutinous rice flour (for coating)



Mix 250g lotus seed paste with 250g durian flesh, until evenly mixed. Divide mixture into 60g portions & wrap with cling film. Freeze for 40 minutes or until hard enough to work with
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To a mixer with the dough attachment (or you can do this by hand) add 300g snowskin mix and 200ml water (adjust to texture), mix for 1 minute on low speed
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Add 60g shortening to dough and continue to mix for 5 minutes on medium speed, add a little water if needed)
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Divide dough into 60g portions, roll into a smooth ball and flatten out with a rolling pin to about palm size wide.
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Add durian filling to the center wrap and roll until the surface is smooth.
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Coat with kaofen evenly and shape into mooncake in a mooncake mould. Repeat for the rest.
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Keep chilled and serve at room temperature.
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