Teochew Png Kueh – 潮州饭粿

One might think that sealed in this bright pink chewy flour skin is a sweet treat. But under that sweet delicate looking exterior is a whole new world of flavourful glutinous rice filling, bringing with it a savoury twist.  

To make Png Kueh, you would need a special wooden mould in a shape of a peach with a pointed edge. Its unmistakable peach shape comes about from the Chinese symbol of longevity, hence the custom for Chinese to use these as offerings during religious ceremonies. Pink for the gods in heaven and white for the gods in hell.

Not only does the filing play a big part in the taste, the skin also makes or breaks a good Png Kueh. If you want your Png Kueh skin thin, sticky and tender, make sure to watch the ratio of flour and water. Too much flour makes the skin tough while too much water makes it fall apart. But fret not, follow our recipe and you have no worries getting that soft bouncy texture.

Add a boost to that savoury flavour and drizzle on sweet soy sauce. This delicate sweet pink Teochew traditional snack, makes your day even just by looking – the perfect comfort food enjoyed by all generations at any time of the day.

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  • Servings: 30 pcs

  • Time: 2 hrs

  • Skill: Easy



    1. 250g rice flour

    2. 80g glutinous rice flour

    3. ½ tsp salt

    4. ½ tsp sugar

    5. ⅛ tsp pepper

    6. 400ml boiling hot water

    7. ¼ tsp pink food colouring

    8. 100g tapioca flour (plus more for moulding)


    1. 250g glutinous rice (soaked overnight)

    2. 200ml stock

    3. 100g pork shoulder (diced)

    4. 3 Chinese mushrooms (diced)

    5. 30g dried prawns (chopped)

    6. 1 can braised peanuts (drained)

    7. 20g chye poh

    8. 10g garlic (minced)

    9. 50g shallots (sliced)

    10. 1 tbsp fish sauce (or 1 tbsp light soya sauce)

    11. 1 tbsp Chinese wine

    12. 1 stalk spring onion (chopped)

    13. 2 stalks Chinese celery (chopped)

    14. 100ml oil

    15. ¼ tsp sugar

    16. ½ tsp salt


    1. Wash and soak 250g glutinous rice overnight. Drain.

    2. Steam glutinous rice for 20 to 25 minutes in a cloth lined bamboo steamer, once it's cooked set aside.

    3. Heat 100ml oil.

    4. Fry 50g sliced shallots until golden brown.

    5. Remove half of the shallot oil. Set aside.

    6. In the remaining shallot and oil, add in10g minced garlic and 30g chopped dried prawn.

    7. Mix in 100g diced pork and chopped dried Chinese mushrooms.

    8. Stir fry until it fragrant.

    9. Glaze with 1 tbsp Shaoxing wine.

    10. Season with 1 tbsp fish sauce, ¼ tsp salt and ⅛ tsp pepper.

    11. Add in the steamed glutinous rice and stir fry until it is evenly mixed.

    12. Pour in 200ml stock and 1 can of drained peanuts. Cook until the glutinous rice absorbs all the water. If the glutinous rice is not cooked, add more stock.

    13. Mix in the chopped spring onion and Chinese celery.

    14. Dish out and set aside.

    15. In a mixing bowl, mix 250g rice flour, 80g glutinous rice flour, ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp sugar and ¼ tsp pepper.

    16. Mix ¼ tsp pink colour into 400ml hot boiling water.

    17. Using a pair of chopsticks slowly stir in the red tinted hot water into the flour mixture until a dough ball is formed. Cover with a damp tea towel and let it rest for 30 minutes.

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