Greek Style Yogurt Banana Walnut Bread

1 hr


20cm by 10cm loaf

Rich, moist, sweet and of course full of banana flavour. Look out for those bright yellow skin with spots of brown. Use the ripest or better, overripe bananas for that boost of natural sweetness – an essential for a successful banana bread. The addition of greek yogurt brings out that soft tender texture, making it a great base for the walnuts. Toast your walnuts to minimize its bitterness and bring out that rich earthy flavour. But make sure to not leave them in the oven for too long or your toasty brown walnuts might turn black in the blink of an eye.
If banana-flavoured bread is not enough, take it up a notch and top it off with more bananas! That glistening caramelized bananas brings about a richer, nuttier, and sweeter addition.  Go bananas with this surprisingly simple, flavoursome and gloriously fancy-looking bread.
Greek yogurt an excellent nutritious substitute to your baking needs. Packed with proteins, probiotics and calcium, Farmers Union Greek Style yogurt gives that mild tangy and sweet flavour to this classic banana bread. Just perfect for those who want to cut those calories without sacrificing on your cravings .
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100g Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt
120g unsalted butter
150g castor sugar
1 egg
150g ripe banana
150g all purpose flour
¼tsp salt
½tsp baking powder
½tsp bicarbonate soda
½tsp vanilla extract
60g walnuts (plus extra for garnishing)
200g cream cheese
55g icing sugar
Banana Flambe
40g unsalted butter
70g brown sugar
60ml rum
4bananas (sliced)
Greek style yogurt cream
4tbsp Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt
4tbsp cream



Grease and line the loaf pan, if it is a non-stick loaf pan.
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Preheat oven to 150°C.Toast walnuts in the oven for 5 minutes. Set aside to cool. Chop walnuts once cooled.
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Sift 150g flour, ¼ tsp salt, ½ tsp bicarbonate soda and ½ tsp baking powder. Set aside.
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Peel and mash 150g banana. Set aside.
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In a mixer, cream 120g butter and 120g sugar until light and fluffy. Add in 1 egg and beat well. Mix in mashed banana and ½ tsp vanilla essence.
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Fold in 100g Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt into the creamed butter mixture. Fold in sifted flour into the butter mixture. Fold in chopped walnuts.
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Pour batter into a loaf pan.Bake for 50 minutes, or until the banana walnut bread is cooked in the middle and just pulling away from the edges of the loaf pan (insert a skewer into the centre and if it comes out clean it is cooked).
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Set aside for 5 minutes before removing it to cool completely on wire rack.
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In a mixer, cream 200g cream cheese with 55g icing sugar, until a smooth and spreadable consistency. Spread cream cheese icing on top the banana bread.
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In a pan, melt 40g unsalted butter and add in 70g brown sugar. Stir until brown sugar dissolve.
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Turn up the heat and in 4 sliced bananas. Stir and coat bananas. Remove pan from heat. Pour in 60ml rum on the edge of the pan. Return pan to the fire, light the rum to burn of the alcohol.
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Drizzle the bananas over the banana bread along with the sauce.
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Mix 4 tbsp Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt with 4 tbsp cream. Slice and serve banana bread with yogurt cream and more chopped walnuts.
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