5 Recipes to Ease Period Cramps, Tiredness and Other Symptoms

Recipes for PMS

For the ladies reading this, period symptoms can vary between cramps, headaches, lethargy… or all of the above. While period days definitely don’t go by easy, one way to make it feel slightly better is with comfort food. Apart from the go-to chocolate bars and ice cream, here are 5 healthy recipes that may help to alleviate PMS symptoms before, during or after the time of the month. 


1. Pork Liver with Scallions & Wolfberries

A perfect companion not only for periods but also confinement, our Pork Liver with Scallions and Wolfberries is nourishing without lacking in the taste department. The gaminess of the pork liver is well removed through marination with a wide array of sauces and ingredients, leaving only a slightly bitter, sweet and umami aftertaste. Packed with minerals and vitamins, you’ll have a good nutrition boost with this dish! 


In fact, one of the ingredients, ginger, is said to help with reducing muscle aches and nausea for ladies on their periods or who are pregnant. Plus, wolfberries are added for a further immunity and energy boost.


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/stir-fry-pork-liver-with-scallions/ 

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes. Serves 3 to 4. 


2. Nonya Chap Chye


There is a good reason why our moms always made us eat our vegetables during meals. Vegetables are highly nutritious and serve as a delicious, yet good immune boost in your everyday dishes. A traditional Peranakan dish featuring a variety of veggies such as carrots and Napa cabbage, the Nonya Chap Chye also helps ladies on their periods to replenish iron levels to counter the loss of blood.


Lightly tossed with fried beancurd skin and savoury glass noodles, this dish is definitely not just a boring plate of vegetables. Try it out for yourself!


Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/nyonya-chap-chye/ 

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes. Serves 4 to 6. 


3. Stir Fry Beef and Broccoli

When we think about period-friendly food, red meats could be the first thing that comes to mind. They are excellent sources of iron, replenishing iron levels during one’s period. Moreover, since they are protein-rich, they help to curb cravings for unhealthy junk food.

An all-time favourite, our Stir Fry Beef and Broccoli ticks all the boxes—yummy, nutritious and easy to make! An expert tip would be to marinate the beef beforehand to tenderise it, so that frying afterwards would give it a crispier mouthfeel. Don’t forget to douse your broccoli into some iced water to retain its flavour and texture!


Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/stir-fried-beef-with-broccoli/ 

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes. Serves 3 to 4.


4. Beef with Ginger & Scallions

Yet another popular recipe starring beef as the main character, Meatmen’s Beef with Ginger & Scallions dish is jam-packed with ingredients that would be very useful to deal with that time of the month. As mentioned, ginger has anti-inflammatory effects which are said to soothe muscle aches. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing nausea, which may sometimes occur during periods.

Perfect when paired with a piping hot bowl of rice, this Zi Char-style dish is bound to satisfy even the pickiest eater out there. Who doesn’t appreciate a dish that is both delicious and healthy?


Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/stir-fried-ginger-and-scallion-beef/ 

Preparation Time: 30 mins. Serves 3 to 4.


5. Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup

A timeless favourite, a hearty bowl of Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup is appreciated anyday — not only during periods. The recipe consists of several ingredients which help to provide a nutrient boost, such as red dates which help to alleviate menstrual cramps. Cuttlefish also has a nourishing function, and helps in replenishing blood loss from menstruation. 

Nutritious but yet not compromising on the flavours, this is the go-to dish to soothe the pain and discomfort from periods. 


Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/old-cucumber-soup/ 

Preparation Time: 2 hours 15 mins. Serves 3 to 4.


Period Friendly Recipes

Periods can be a hassle, but we try to make it easier every month with different recipes that helps to alleviate the pain and discomfort that comes with it. Try them out for yourself and if they work for you, share the love with the other ladies around you! 


Even better, share your thoughts with the Meatmen FB group to the rest of the community! If you wish to explore other similar recipes, check out our YouTube page for more!


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