Old Cucumber Soup – 老黄瓜汤

Slurp nostalgia in every spoonful! This old cucumber soup recipe is sweetened with pork ribs and packed with delicious aromatics that enhance the flavours.


Every family has their unique twist to the old cucumber pork rib soup – here’s The Meatmen’s. Enjoy.


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  • Servings: 3 - 4 pax

  • Time: 2hr 15min

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 1 pc (600g) Old cucumber (cut into big chunks)

  2. 1 sleeve of Corn (cut into smaller sections)

  3. 500g Spare ribs

  4. 1 piece Chicken breast

  5. 40g Dried scallops

  6. 18g Wolfberries

  7. 15g Red dates

  8. 6g North & south almonds

  9. 2 pieces Cuttlefish

  10. 2 litres Water

  11. Salt to taste


  1. Blanch pork ribs to remove scums, wash and drain dry, set aside.

  2. Blanch chicken bones to remove scums, wash and drain dry, set aside.

  3. In a heavy pot, combine all ingredients into the pot, add 2 litres of water, cover and let it boil for ½ hour, thereafter, let it simmer on  low heat for 1½ hours. Season with salt.

  4. Serve hot.

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