Kaya Toast Cocktail

Since you can’t visit Singapore now, let us bring a part of us to your home in the form of a recipe! Today we will be making a Kaya Toast Cocktail inspired by a drink made by Din Hassan from Bitters and Love who has since left. This is our own rendition of the cocktail from Bitters and Love, we used Kaya which is a traditional jam made from pandan, coconut and eggs. Also in the mix, Gula Melaka which is palm sugar and also coconut cream. For this recipe we are also using the first and only Rum made in Singapore from Compendium, today we will be using their Dark Rum.

Serve this drink with a piece of Kaya Toast on the side perfect for afternoon tea, don’t worry nobody will judge you. Cheers and we will hopefully see you soon!

Here is also the link to our Kaya Toast recipe for your reference:


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  1. 45ml Dark Rum

  2. 2 bar spoon Kaya

  3. 20ml Gula melaka syrup

  4. 20ml coconut cream

  5. Pandan Leaf


  1. Add Dark Rum, Kaya, Gula Melaka syrup and coconut cream into a shaker. Froth/stir and taste.

  2. Add ice into a rocks glass. Add ice into the shaker, shake for 8-10 seconds. Strain into rocks glass with ice.

  3. Garnish with pandan leaf and kaya toast on the side.

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