Sio Bak with Mandarin Orange Mustard – 橘子芥末酱烧肉

We love our Sio Bak (who doesn’t!), and for this CNY season here’s a seasonal twist for you guys to cook a feast for your loved ones this reunion dinner.

In the season of mandarin oranges, we grated it’s zest on the underside of the pork belly for a citrus-ey twist, and roasted it using the Weber Q Grill for 2 hours. Brushing rice vinegar on the side every 30 minutes, the temperature is increased for the last 30 minutes to give it that shiok, crispy crunch.

We then made our own Mandarin Orange Mustard using juice from mandarin oranges, to pair with the meat. Yums!

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  • Servings: 6 pax

  • Time: 3 hours (overnight marinate)

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 2kg of pork belly

  2. 2 tbsp of coarse sea salt

  3. 1 tbsp of 5 spice powder

  4. 1 tbsp of ground white pepper

  5. 2 cubes of fermented red beancurd

  6. 1 tbsp rice wine

  7. zest from 1 orange

  8. 2 tbsp Rice vinegar (for brushing over skin)

  9. Metal skewers (4-6 skewers)

  10. Meat pricker (alternatively a fork would do)

  11. Ingredients


    1. Juice from 3 mandarin orange (Reduce to 3 tbsp)

    2. ½ cup mayonnaise

    3. ⅓ cup whole grain dijon mustard

    4. 1 tsp black pepper (freshly cracked, adjust to taste)


    1. Wash & dry the pork belly. Poke the pork belly over it's skin using a fork or pricker.

    2. Rub the 1 tbsp sea salt onto skin evenly.

    3. Mix the fermented red beancurd, 5 spice powder, sea salt and pepper. Grate orange zest and apply the mixture on the underside of the meat.

    4. Refrigerate overnight in the fridge.

    5. Skew the meat with skewers to keep the belly flat while roasting.

    6. Preheat the Weber Q Grill to 200°C for 10 minutes with the roasting shield and rack.

    7. Roast pork belly in grill for 2 hours at 200°C brushing rice vinegar on the skin every 30 minutes. Turn the Weber Q Grill up to 230°C on the last 30 minutes.

    8. Remove the metal skewers on the pork belly once done, and rest for 20 minutes.

    9. To make the sauce, heat juice from 3 mandarin orange to 3 tablespoons and cool down.

    10. Mix reduced juice with mayonnaise, whole grain dijon mustard and fresh cracked black pepper.

    11. Cut the rested pork belly and serve with sauce.

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