Homemade BBQ Sambal Stingray

Homemade BBQ sambal for your favourite BBQ ingredients! From stingray to prawns to lala to sotong to petai to winged beans, this spicy, tangy sambal makes for the perfect BBQ base.

Here’s a BBQ hack to get the smokey banana leaf aroma without a barbecue grill or even an oven — check out: 1:23. While sambal stingrays are iconic to Singapore’s hawker centres, we’re opting to consume less stingrays and more sustainably farmed seafoods.

With this BBQ sambal chilli paste, any fish, seafood or vegetables can be deliciously charred in this banana leaf BBQ hack.

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Adjust Servings
285g Stingray
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Brown sugar
5 pieces Chilli padis
3 slices Galangal
1 tsp Torch ginger flower
2 tbsp Tamarind juice
1 piece Candlenut
20 pieces Dried chillies (pre-soak)
10 pieces Shallots
5 pieces Big chillies
5 pieces Garlic
1 stalk Lemongrass (white part)
1 1/2 tsp Toasted belacan
Salt to taste



Pre-soak dried chillies for approx. 30mins before use.

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Rinse and pat dry stingray, give a few slits on the stingray so it will cook better. Lightly sprinkle salt to both sides of the fish and set aside.

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Wash banana leaves and pat dry. Set aside.

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Blend all spice ingredients together till it forms a paste. Transfer to a wok . With a little oil, stir fry the chilli paste till color deepens and fragrant. Set aside.

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Run the banana leaves over low heat to soften the leaves. Spray some oil onto leaf, spread some chilli paste onto the stingray and lay it on the banana leaf. Do the same over the other side of the stingray.

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Wrap up the banana leaves. Wrap an aluminum foil over the whole package.

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Transfer package onto a grilling pan or wok. Give a good toast on each side for approx.. 6 – 8 mins depending of the size of your stingray.

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Sprinkle some torch ginger flower pieces & sliced red onions over the fish before serving.

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