Fried Shrimp Puffs

30 minutes


12-16 pieces

Crispy and light on the outside, sweet and tender prawn filling on the inside. This dish makes for a great snack for any occasion. What makes it great is that the puffs stays crispy for a long time, and for us it’s our go to choice when paired with a couple of drinks. Serve it with sambal chilli mix with a squeeze of calamansi juice or sweet soy sauce for those who do take spicy food.

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Adjust Servings
2pack beancurd puff (Approximately 12-16 puffs)
400g prawns ( shelled)
3tsp potato starch
¼tsp salt
dash of pepper
½tsp chicken powder
2tsp Shaoxing wine
1tsp sesame oil
3Tbsp Chopped spring onions
Sambal Chilli & Calamansi juice



Mince 200g of the prawn meat and cut 200g into small pieces. Put in a mixing bowl.
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Season the mince prawns with potato starch chicken powder, shaoxing wine, sesame oil, salt and pepper.
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Scoop and throw the prawn mixture from a height, repeat this action for a few times.
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Mix in prawn pieces and chopped spring onions.
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Cut a slit in the middle of beancurd puffs
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Add prawn filling into beancurd puffs.
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Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.
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Seave with sambal chilli & calamansi juice (optional).
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