7 Fish Recipes For Dishes You Can Eat Everyday

Fish Recipes

Treasures of the ocean, fishes keep the marine ecosystem thriving and are indispensable staples of the dining table. With various methods available to prepare them, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to crafting a perfect fish dish. 


We have picked out 7 recipes that are easy to follow and suitable for everyday use. Read on to find out! 


1. Cantonese Steamed Fish


Simple yet delicious, many opt for the traditional Cantonese steaming when they prepare fishes for daily meals. Only requiring minimal ingredients and pre-preparations, you can whip up a fine steamed fish for a family in just 10 minutes! There are two key parts to this recipe—prepping the fish and seasoning. 


Luckily, prepping the fish can be easily done using some ginger, spring onions and wine to remove the fishy flavour. For the seasoning, the sugars (rock sugar and brown sugar) are essential to complement the saltiness of the soy sauce. Last but not least, a good drizzle of hot peanut oil helps to infuse the onions and ginger aroma into the fish’s flesh, elevating the overall flavour of the dish.


We used Sea Bass in this recipe, but you can adapt it into a Pomfret dish as well!


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/cantonese-steamed-fish/ 

Preparation Time: 10 Mins. Serves 4. 


2. Clear Fish Soup


What’s better to relive a tiring day than with a comforting bowl of fish soup? A personal favourite as well, a good bowl of fish soup is healing… right down to our souls. What makes a bowl of fish soup stand out is definitely the fish stock, which may take a while to brew but is worth it nonetheless.


In our recipe, we use deep-fried fish bones, ginger, scallions and dried sole fish to make the stock. It may seem unassuming, but a fish bone broth is actually rich in collagen and brings about numerous health benefits. Just add on some well blanched fish slices and vegetables, and you’re good to go! If you’re feeling carbs, you can also go for a bowl of XO White Bee Hoon Fish Soup.


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/fish-soup/ 

Preparation Time: 1 Hour. Serves 3-4. 


3. Stir Fried Ginger and Scallion Fish


If you’re looking for something that’s not soupy, you should definitely give the Stir Fried Ginger and Scallion Fish a try! It is perfect for busy days when you need a quick fix to get going with the remaining of your day/night.


To achieve optimal flavour, lightly fry the fish slices in heated oil before you stir fry them with other ingredients i.e. ginger, scallions etc. This is to give the fish slices a firm texture, which give a better mouthfeel when you eat it. Also, make sure to not over-fry the fish until it turns yellow — moderation is key.


Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/stir-fried-ginger-and-scallion-fish/ 

Preparation Time: 30 Mins. Serves 3-4. 


4. Pan Fried Cod Fish


Surely, everyone has tried fried cod fish at least once in their lives. Highly nutritious with proteins and vitamins, it is a healthy (and yummy!) choice to incorporate cod fishes into one’s meals. 


Our secret to a good cod steak is the marinade of ginger juice and salt, which helps to remove any pungent smell/flavour from the fish. It is also crucial to mix the sauce mixture well, until the sauce thickens, to obtain a good consistency for pairing with the cod steaks. If you’re feeling a little healthier, you can try our recipe for preparing a steamed version of cod fishes!


Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/pan-fried-cod-fish-fillet-with-sweet-sour-sauce/ 

Preparation Time: 15 Mins. Serves 3-4. 


5. Braised Fish Head with Bitter Gourd


Of course, we understand that Bitter Gourds are not for everyone, so feel free to opt-out/adjust the recipe accordingly to match your taste preferences! 


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/braised-fish-head-and-bitter-gourd/ 

Preparation Time: 1 Hour. Serves 4. 


6. Assam Pedas Fish Head Curry



It’s time to spice things up (quite literally) with our Assam Pedas Fish Head Curry! Not recommended for the weak-hearted, the assam sauce packs a good punch of spice for all you spice enthusiasts out there. 


On top of the usual rempah, pineapples are added for a more sourish flavour. This helps to reduce the intensity of the curry flavour and better activate appetites (bon appetit!). The laksa leaves and torch ginger flowers are also herbs with distinct flavours that enhance the overall flavour of the curry. 


We’d recommend toning down on the chilis and curry powder if this dish is prepared for young children or people with lower spice tolerance.


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/assam-fish-head/ 

Preparation Time: 1 Hour. Serves 4. 


7. Thai Steamed Barramundi with Lime Sauce


When we talk about Thai style dishes, we think about everything sour and spicy. This applies to the Thai Steamed Barramundi as well, where the hot and sour lime sauce comes under the lime-light. The sauce provides a good contrast to the natural sweetness of the fish meat, with the sourness also stimulating one’s appetite. 


To ensure that the heat enters the fish meat evenly, do score the fish as a pre-preparation step. 


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/thai-steamed-fish-with-lime/ 

Preparation Time: 15 Mins. Serves 1. 


Fish Recipes

And there you have it, 7 different fish dishes that are convenient, easy and delectable. 


We know getting started might be a little difficult, so why not check out the Meatmen FB group for more tips/reviews from others? For other similar recipes, do check out our YouTube page as well!


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