Kway Chap

We challenged ourselves in making our version of this classic Singaporean favourite – Kway Chap from scratch! Tender pig innards and meat, braised egg, crispy tau pok and thick flat rice noodle sheets in rich, herbal sauce all slow-cooked into one pot. Served with our fresh homemade Chilli Sauce to add a kick. This Singaporean […]

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Homemade Vietnamese Beef Pho

For your perfect pho fix, this comforting, refreshing, delicious Vietnamese Pho recipe hits the spot. Light, sweet and savoury beef broth made from scratch infused with flavourful herbs, spices and tender slices of beef, this beefy noodle soup brings you a taste closer to Vietnam. Love your noodle soup spicy? Add in your favourite Sriracha

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Peranakan Buah Keluak

Every Peranakan Mama will have their own rendition of this classic Nyonya dish! Ayam Buah Keluak is a decadent mixed of spices and of course, the keluak nut. Our recipe teaches you a versatile buah keluak gravy base and a delicious trick to get the most out of this nut. Psst, we use minced prawn

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Urad Dal Vada

You might not be able to visit Singapore during this period, so we’re bringing some of our local recipes to you! A South Indian recipe, Urad Dal Vada is a popular doughnut shaped snack that is a favourite in Singapore. We start off by rinsing the urud dal (known as white lentil) and have them

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White Bee Hoon

White beehoon is a classic dish served everywhere from restaurants to zichar stalls. What makes it special is our homemade stock; made with chicken carcasses, chicken feet, soya beans, prawn heads and shells. We must say it’s definitely worth spending some time doing this, as it gives your beehoon a kickass flavour.

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Cantonese Bak Chang

Ending off our Dragonboat festival food series with the umami in the super-fragrant Cantonese Bak Chang! The Cantonese Bak Chang is chock-a-block with savoury goodness. Our version features eight different types of ingredients for its filling, including luscious chunks of pork belly marinated with eight condiments, and of course mung beans – the traditional must-have

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