Weird Food Combinations Singaporeans Might Actually Love, As Seen on Reddit 

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Living in Singapore, we’ve seen it all from fusion pastas to durian fish soup. We might just have some of the bravest tastebuds in the world — so let’s dive into some unlikely food combinations that you’re likely to enjoy.


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1. “Spicy popcorn made with chilli oil” – u/TwoSeam

Image credit: r/briandavidgilbert


We’re starting off with a palatable combo that honestly sounds pretty darn good. Coined by content creator Brain David Gilbert, the recipe for Lao Gan Ma “pepcorn” has been making rounds on Reddit.

“It’s really good. I ate almost the entire bowl,” said the user. With the crunch, spice and signature Mala fragrance, we’re mad we didn’t think of this spicy snack first! 



2. “Oreos dipped in coffee is way better than dipping them in milk” – u/FreeCrown12205



“It gives it way more flavour than just making the oreo taste a little bit like milk and I think its superior. Just my opinion. To add, i did dip them in milk with coffee. idk if that affects it or not but I think you should give a try.” 


Where has this combination been this whole time? “Coffee enhances the flavour of chocolate,” says u/lokigato, and we completely agree. Perfect for tea time or just a random midday snack.



3. “Macaroni and cheese with Worcestershire sauce 👏” – u/youdrivemecrazy13

We already have a delicious Meatmen Triple Mac and Cheese recipe, but this might just be a new flavour combo we have to try. We’ll take the advice of Redditors in this thread and top it off with hot dogs, bacon and the crowning dash of tangy Worcestershire sauce at the end. 



4. “Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. Good tangy mayo preferred.” – u/neontetra1548



Heads up — this Redditor is seriously passionate about peanut butter combos. 


“The whole category of peanut butter + tangy sour foods is fantastic. Peanut butter sandwich with green olives on the side. One bite of sandwich, one bite of the olive — amazing complimentary flavours. The sweet/saltiness of the sandwich combined with the sour tangy saltiness,” u/neontetra1548 says. 


But the piece that takes the cake? Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. “Again that tangy/saltysweet combination with the peanut butter. And then I sometimes would have it with olives on the side as well haha. Disgusting, I know, but good as hell IMO.”



5. “Granny Smith apples and sharp cheddar is my jam!” – u/76ShoNuff 

Cheese and fruit is a strange combination, but somehow it works! Apples and sliced cheese are an easy weeknight dessert, but if you’re feeling adventurous, we’ve got a grilled avocado, tomato and feta cheese recipe here to try



6. “Nuggets dipped in soft serve” – u/Internal-Psychology



We’re sure you know about fries and ice cream, but why not take it one step further and get the nugget in there, too? Savoury and crispy golden nuggets, paired with sweet and creamy ice cream. Try it for supper from the drive-thru, or make your own ice cream


7. “Just a full sheet of nori wrapped around a peeled banana.” – u/oolongvanilla



Wait, what? “The nori adds a nice crispiness (at least at first bite) which contrasts with the soft creaminess of the banana. It also provides a nice hint of saltiness that complements the banana’s sweetness,” u/oolongvanilla says. Well… it might just be worth a shot. 


Some responses may have been edited for clarity. 



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