Tofu with Egg and Clams soup – 豆腐蛋花蛤蜊汤

This scrumptious Tofu with Egg and Clam Soup is simple to make and easy to digest, it’s a delicious reprieve in between those rich festive indulgences.  

Our flavourful and hearty stew made using a clear clam-based broth that’s secretly flash-infused with kombu then combined with silky morsels of tofu to gives that delicate, elusive umami taste and texture we all love.  We use the Vitasoy organic sprouted tofu (soup) for the extra smooth texture thanks to its Nigiri-seawater extracts, and its superior calcium content – a hefty 25% more than the average tofu.

A lightly whisked egg concoction cooks into fluffy clouds as it’s slow-poured in, made with a simple trio of large eggs, some soy sauce, and a touch of sesame oil which gives that beautiful aroma.The market-fresh clams go in next, along with fine chunks of green chilli and anchovy dashi, with just a small sear of sake to draw the best flavours out.  In our finale, we add an encore of tofu, finely chopped spring onions and toasted sesame seeds for that extra dimension and distinct hint of nuttiness.

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  • Servings: 2

  • Time: 30 mins

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 1 pack Vitasoy organic sprouted tofu (soup)

  2. 300g clams

  3. 3 eggs

  4. 5g kombu

  5. 500ml water

  6. 1 tsp sesame oil

  7. 1 tsp soya sauce

  8. 1 tbsp anchovy dashi powder

  9. 1 tbsp cooking sake

  10. 10g chopped spring onions

  11. ½ green chilli (finely diced)

  12. 1 tsp toasted sesame seeds


  1. Whisk 3 eggs with 1 tsp sesame oil and 1 tsp soya sauce. Set aside.

  2. Wipe 5g kombu with a damp kitchen towel. Simmer kombu with 500ml water for 3 minutes in a earthenware bowl. Discard kombu.

  3. Add in half pack Vitasoy Organic Sprouted Tofu (Soup), 3 beaten egg, 300g clams and ½ green chilli (finely diced).

  4. Once it comes up to a boil, add in 1 tbsp anchovy dashi powder and 1 tbsp cooking sake.

  5. Skim off the scum from the surface.

  6. Add in remaining Vitasoy Organic Sprouted Tofu and simmer for one minute.

  7. Garnish with chopped spring onion and toasted sesame seeds.

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