Kolo Mee

15 minutes


3-4 pax

Another classic Chinese noodle recipe is this Sarawak Kolo Mee! It’s an easy, dry noodle recipe using springy egg noodles coated in a rich pork and shallot oil sauce.

Topped off with a generous amount of minced pork, char siew and vegetables, this recipe is an easy fix especially for work day lunch meal.

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3pieces of egg noodles (approx.150g)
250g Minced meat
¾tsp Light soy sauce
¾tsp Sesame oil
1tsp Cooking wine
Dash of White pepper
1tsp Cornstarch
1tsp Flat fish powder
1tsp Dark soya sauce
1tbsp Sugar
200g Char siew slices
100g Bean sprouts
100g Xiao bai cai
3tsp Chopped scallions
3tsp Fried garlic
3tsp Fried shallots
Sliced chillies
Sauce for each noodles serving
½tsp Fish sauce
½tsp Light soy sauce
½tsp Oyster sauce
½tsp Zhe jiang vinegar
Dash of Flat fish powder
1tbsp fried pork lard (optional), you may use garlic oil or shallots oil. Recommended to fry your pork lard 1st, followed by fried garlic, then fried shallots.



In a small mixing bowl, marinate minced pork with light soy sauce, dash of pepper, cooking wine, sesame oil and cornstarch. Mix well and set aside.
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Heat some pork lard oil in a small pan, stir fry the marinated minced pork until cooked, add in dark soy sauce, sugar and continue to cook till well done, set aside for later use.
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In each serving bowl, add in ½  tsp of pork lard oil (fragrant oil of your choice), ½  tsp fish sauce, ½  tsp light soy sauce, ½  tsp oyster sauce, ½  tsp zhe jiang vinegar & dash of flat fish powder, mix well and set aside.
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Prepare a pot of hot boiling water, quick blanch xiao bai cai and set aside for later use. 
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Using the same pot of boiling water, blanch egg noodles until semi soft, transfer to dip in room temperature water, drip dry and planch noodles back into the boiling water with some bean sprouts, quick boil, drain dry and plate.
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Assemble noodles with xiao bai cai, char siew slices and minced pork. 
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Garnish with fried shallots, fried garlic, scallions and sliced chillies.
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