Jia Xiang Old School Mee Siam

1 hr 30 min


3-4 pax

Ever had fried croutons in your Mee Siam? We never did, until we tried Jia Xiang’s Old School Mee Siam!


Jia Xiang Old School Mee Siam has over 50 years of history at Redhill Market and that gave us more than enough reason to try to recreate it. This Mee Siam is on the sweeter side and packs a punch of flavours, topped off by the usual hearty ingredients such as tau kwa, tau pok, and boiled egg. And a handful of crispy fried croutons that add another layer of textures to the slurping good rice vermicelli noodles soaked in tamarind and spice infused broth.


Worth every ounce of effort, we’re sure that this version of Jia Xiang Old School Mee Siam will be the star at any gathering with nostalgic flavours and surprise crunches from the fried croutons.


Craving the dish but lazy to cook? Visit Jia Xiang at Redhill Market, Block 85 Redhill Lane, #01-35, Singapore 150085 for a bowl of their delicious fare!

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Adjust Servings
2 Tau Pok
2 Tau Kwa
4 Kalamansi
4 stalks Chives (chopped)
100 g Beansprouts
Fried croutons
4 runny Soft Boiled Eggs
2 tbsp Cooking oil
250 g Rice Vermicelli
1 cup Ikan Bilis stock
100 g Shallots
10 cloves Garlic
2 stalk Lemongrass (white portion)
15 g Belacan (toasted)
100 g Dried shrimps (soaked in water)
100 g Dried chilli paste
100 g Fresh chilli paste
4 tbsp Cooking oil
1.5 litres Ikan Bilis/Seafood stock
2 tbsp Tau Cheo
4 tbsp Assam paste
20 g Rock sugar



Soak dried shrimp for at least 30 minutes with hot water, strain. Soak rice vermicelli for 5 minutes with hot water, strain.

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In a food processor, add in shallots, garlic, lemongrass, belacan, dried shrimp, dried chilli paste, fresh chilli paste and blend until fine.

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In a pot over medium heat, add 4 tbsp cooking oil. Add ⅔ of the spice paste and fry until slightly dry and colour darkens.

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Add in tau cheo, assam paste and ikan bilis stock. Bring to boil and add rock sugar. Cook for 30 minutes.

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In a wok pan over medium heat, add 2 tbsp cooking oil and the rest of the spice paste. Stir fry until fragrant, add in rice vermicelli and stir fry until slightly dry.

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In a pan with oil, deep fry tau kwa, tau pok and bread cubes until crispy and golden brown.

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In a bowl, add fried noodles, mee siam soup, top with cubed tau kwa, tau pok, fried bread, boiled egg, kalamansi, sambal and chives.

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