Hotplate Tofu

Many people may argue that the use of a hot plate is simply for the visual factor. But one can’t deny the fact that the SIZZLING eggs on the hot plate when topped with the spicy bean paste sends bursts of shiiiiiok-ness and aroma through all your senses!
The secret to this dish is simply to use Egg Tofu as it will release this distinct eggy aroma after being deep fried to golden-brown perfection.
The moment this dish is served, your kitchen will instantly be filled with an insane mouth-watering aroma. Pair this one plate wonder with plain rice and it’s good enough to eat!

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Adjust Servings
2tubes Egg Tofu
oil for deep-frying
50g sliced carrots
50g sliced canned button mushrooms
150g minced pork marinate with:
1tsp sesame oil
¼tsp salt
¼tsp pepper
1tsp light soy sauce
1tsp cornstarch
2tbsp oyster sauce
2tbsp chili bean paste
1tbsp light soy sauce
1tbsp hua tiao wine (optional)
½cup water
3tbsp oil
30g chopped ginger
20g chopped garlic
10medium size prawns (shelled)
1tbsp sugar (adjust to taste)
1tsp salt (adjust to taste)
½tsp pepper
1tbsp cornstarch mixed with 2 tbsp water
2 eggs
chopped spring onions for garnish

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