Decorative Bento – 装饰便当

New to decorative bento? This will be a fun recipe and especially a treat for the young ones. An hour or so is all you would need to create an eye-catching meal for your kid to bring to school in a snack box. As it’s a brand new year, our bento welcomes spring! Use egg sheets to delicately create the raincoat, and cut apples for a nice umbrella to match the theme.

We used Kinmemai Better Brown Rice,  for it’s smooth texture and is a lighter, fluffier brown rice. Have fun ‘deco-ben’ as snacks or picnic meals for the weekends!

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  • Servings: 1 pax / 1 piece

  • Time: 1 hour

  • Skill: Intermediate


  1. 65g Kinmemai Better Brown Rice Rice

  2. 100g water

  3. ½ tbsp tomato sauce

  4. 2 sheets of seaweed

  5. 2 lettuce leaves

  6. Rice crackers

  7. 1 apple

  8. 3 pieces dumplings

  9. Tri-color capsicums (seeds removed, cut into strips)

  10. 1 tbsp light soy sauce

  11. 2 tsp oil

  12. Ingredients

    Egg sheets:

    1. 3 eggs (beaten)

    2. 2 tsp cornstarch

    3. 2 tsp water

    4. 1 tsp oil


    1. Cook 65g Kinmemai Better Brown Rice with 100g water in rice cooker.

    2. Mix cornstarch and water together, 2 tbsp each.

    3. Add mixture to beaten eggs and whisk to combine. Strain the egg mixture.

    4. Lightly oil and heat a tamagoyaki pan. Pour a thin layer of egg mixture into the pan.

    5. Cook on low heat until egg sheet set.

    6. Repeat to make 3 egg sheets. Set aside.

    7. Cook dumplings in boiling water. Set aside and drizzle with some oil to prevent them from sticking together.

    8. Stir fry tri-color capsicum strips with a little oil in a pan. Season with 1 tbsp light soy sauce. Set aside once cooked.

    9. Transfer cooked brown rice into a mixing bowl. Mix in ½ tbsp tomato sauce.

    10. Shape a portion of brown rice into an oval rice ball with cling wrap for the body.

    11. Lay an egg sheet over cling wrap. Place rice ball in the centre and wrap egg sheet around it. Wrap with cling wrap to shape and set aside for 5 minutes

    12. Shape the rest of brown rice into a round rice ball with cling wrap for the head.

    13. Cut the hair from a sheet of seaweed. Wrap seaweed over rice ball with cling wrap.

    14. Add folded egg sheet to form the hood around the head. Wrap with cling wrap to shape and set aside for 5 minutes.

    15. Lay the base of the bento box with lettuce leaves.

    16. Unwrap and position the body rice ball.

    17. Add cooked capsicum strips and dumplings on the sides.

    18. Unwrap and position the head rice ball.

    19. Cut half circles from the egg sheets for the raincoat collar. Apply mayonnaise on one side and place on raincoat. Add rice crackers for the raincoat buttons.

    20. Use a craft punch to cut out the eyes and mouth and paste on the “little girl’s” face with a little mayonnaise. Add mayonnaise on the eyes

    21. Add the bow tie bento pick.

    22. Add tomato sauce as blush.

    23. Shape and carve apple into an Umbrella. Slot the bento picks into the apple for the umbrella’s handle. Add apple umbrella to bento.

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