Carrot Cake from Scratch

Watch Jon make carrot cake from scratch (yes, he actually shreds the radish) and see how it transforms into the starchy, eggy goodness we all love.

Uncle Sng shared how his mother handmade carrot cake with a huge paddle to get the right consistency. From his memory, we pieced together the remaining ingredients to come up with this recipe! 


We dapao (take away) some for Uncle Sng to try. Will our carrot cake pass Uncle Sng’s taste test? Or does Uncle Sng shake his head in disappointment? Find out in next week’s video! Follow our page and never miss out on new recipes.

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Adjust Servings
400 g Shredded White Radish
250 g Rice flour
50 g Tapioca flour
600 ml Water
1 tbsp Cooking oil
1/2 tbsp Salt
350 g Steamed Carrot Cake (Homemade or packet)
4 tbsp Pork lard
3 tbsp Minced garlic
2 tbsp Chye Poh (wash to get rid of excess salt)
25 g Beansprouts
3 eggs
1 tsp Fish sauce
2 tbsp Kecap manis (for black version)
Chopped spring onions



Using a mandoline or a grater, slice radish into thin strips.

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Add rice flour, tapioca flour and salt into water and mix until smooth.

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In a wok pan over medium low heat, add cooking oil, and shredded radish.

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Stir fry for about 5 minutes, covering in between, add some water if the pan becomes too dry.

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Turn heat down to low and add in flour mixture. Mix until mixture forms a sticky paste.

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Transfer mixture into an oiled baking tin.

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Steam for 1 hour 30 minutes. Remove and set aside to room temperature, refrigerate overnight if possible.

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Cut carrot cake into cubes and measure out 350g.

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In a pan over medium heat, add in pork lard, minced garlic, Chye poh, and stir fry until fragrant.

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Add in carrot cake and stir fry, not moving them around too much to get a nice char.

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Add in fish sauce and mix well.

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Add in beaten eggs and leave for 1-2 minutes until nice and charred. Cut into four pieces and flip them individually.

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Add in bean sprouts and stir fry.

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Plate half of carrot cake as “White carrot cake”

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Chop the other half into smaller pieces and add in Kecap manis. Stir fry evenly and plate as “Black carrot cake”.

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Garnish with spring onions.

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