Buddha Jump Over The Wall – 佛跳墙

Many of the best ingredients are in this dish, perfect for your Chinese New Year dinner. The original would have at least 20 or even 30 ingredients and takes 2 to 3 days to prepare even. We have came out with our own simplified version that you can make in just under 3 hours.

The soup base of our dish is made using Heinz chicken broth with Jinhua Ham and chicken essence for the herbal note. Steamed together with chicken, dried scallops (important to use the large ones), sea cucumber, baby abalone and other ingredients make for a complete dish with meat, seafood and vegetables all in one pot.

Give our simple and delicious recipe a try to bring out the finest flavors this festive season with Heinz Chicken Broth!

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  • Servings: 4 to 6 pax

  • Time: 2 hr 30 min

  • Skill: Easy


  1. 500ml Heinz chicken broth

  2. 1 can baby abalone (keep 250ml brine)

  3. 300g sea cucumber

  4. 8 large dried scallops (soaked, keep 250ml of soaking liquid)

  5. 50g fish maw (soak in hot water)

  6. 6 dried mushrooms (soaked)

  7. 3 chicken drumsticks (cut into halves)

  8. 40g Jinhua ham (diced)

  9. 1 bottle chicken essence

  10. 300g chinese cabbage

  11. 150g Lotus roots (sliced)

  12. 3 tbsp Hua Tiao (optional)


  1. In a larger steamable boat layout 300g chinese cabbage,follow by 150g Lotus roots (sliced). Add 40g Jinhua ham (diced) in the center

  2. Add 3 chicken drumsticks (cut into halves), 6 dried mushrooms (soaked), 8 large dried scallops (soaked), 50g fish maw (soak in hot water), 300g sea cucumber and baby abalones

  3. Add 250ml abalone brine, 250ml scallop liquid, 1 bottle chicken essence and 500ml Heinz chicken broth. Optional to add 3 tbsp Hua Tiao (optional)

  4. Cover and steam for 2-3 hours.

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