7 Homecook Recipes With Ginger To Spice up Your Diet

Dishes with ginger

Aromatic, spicy, zesty and full of flavour, ginger is also loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. It’s effective in relieving a number of symptoms, including a bad tummy, arthritis, muscle aches, sprains, sore throats, nausea and much more. A cup of warm ginger tea is without a doubt, a common brew used to as it helps warm the lungs and loosen phlegm accumulation, common cold and indigestion. 


That said, it’s not just good as tea! Many recipes use ginger generously and in all sorts of ways — in stir-frying, braising, marinating and even as a dipping sauce. Using ginger in your food is a great way to enjoy these benefits, so here are 7 great ginger recipes for you to work on!


1. Zi Char quality tender beef with ginger and scallions stir fry

This is a classic Chinese restaurant dish. Don’t be intimidated by the sound of Zi Char quality as it is actually super easy to prep at home with your pantry ingredients. For example, the slices of beef are generously marinated with simple ingredients like oyster sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, egg white and sesame oil. For maximum tastiness, be sure to let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. 


After frying the beef slices, throw in a handful of fresh ginger slices in the sizzling wok and stir fry till fragrant. The amount of ginger used is up to you but we love a good and generous amount! 


Last but not least, more sauces are added to caramelise the ginger for depth and flavour. We finish it off by adding in the cooked beef and a handful of sliced scallions for freshness. Not only is this dish quick and easy to prep, it is definitely as good as restaurant take out!  


Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/stir-fried-ginger-and-scallion-beef/

Preparation time: 30 mins. Serves 3 to 4


2. 20-Minute Chilli Ginger Steam Fish

If you fancy a healthy meal at home, why not try our classic Chilli Ginger Steam Fish? This dish is not only fuss-free, but also it is easy to prep with hardly any washing up. 


Don’t be afraid to use a lot of ginger for this dish as the use of ginger is a clever way to rid of its fishy odour while also reaping its nutritional benefits. The simple marination with minced chillies, ginger, coriander stems and pantry sauces is as quick as it gets! We recommend placing your fish on a bed of soaked slices of shiitake mushrooms for the additional earthy and umami flavour. It is simple and flavourful, clean and healthy at the same time. Definitely a wholesome dish for sharing and a favourite for any occasion. 


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/chilli-ginger-steamed-fish/ 

Preparation time: 20 mins. Serves 2


3. Easy Sesame Oil Chicken

This dish requires no introduction for its wide range of health and nutritional benefits! It is a familiar comfort food to stimulate blood circulation, and helps to balance the yin and yang in your body. Combining sesame oil and ginger, the dish features two ingredients effectively used to boost energy and re-gaining strength, especially for new mothers. Cooked and simmered gently in a single pan or claypot, the effortless cooking requires minimal washing up and can be readily served from stove to table!


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/sesame-oil-chicken/

Preparation time: 30 mins. Serves 2


4. Chinese Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish


One of the healthiest ways to prepare meat is steaming as it uses less oil and helps the ingredients retain its nutritional value. This dish is not only flavourful but nutritious and extremely healthy! The first tip is to marinate the chicken overnight to intensify the flavour and make sure that it remains tender and moist after steaming. 


The second “secret” ingredient is none other than a good amount of shredded ginger. It provides an ultimate nutritional boost for the dish — and topped with crispy salted fish, makes for a delicious and fragrant crowd pleaser. 


Recipe:  http://themeatmen.sg/steamed-chicken-with-salted-fish/

Preparation time: 30 mins. Serves 4


5. Pork Liver with Scallions and Wolfberries


Fresh ingredients are key to a good and flavourful dish, such as in this Pork Liver with scallions and wolfberries. Often served during a new mother’s confinement period, the high iron content in pork liver is helpful for women’s health. 


In our recipe, the thinly-sliced pork liver is coated in flour and gently rubbed to rid of its impurities — a little trick to minimise the strong taste of pork liver. It is then seasoned with the delicious sauces and a generous amount of fresh ginger juice. This step of adding ginger juice acts as a tenderiser, as well as eradicating any bacteria. 


Completed the dish with a good dash of cooking wine and top with plenty of fragrant ginger and fresh scallions for garnishing. Rich and savoury, this is the ultimate indulgence packed with nutritional goodness!


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/stir-fry-pork-liver-with-scallions/

Preparation time: 30 mins. Serves 3 to 4


6. Stir-Fried Pork with Mushrooms

This mouth-watering pork dish begins with frying a generous amount of ginger and garlic, combined with the nutty flavour of sesame oil. In Chinese cuisine, sesame oil and ginger are both known to be superfoods packed with nutrients and vitamins. For instance, not only does sesame oil improve skin and hair health, but it also reduces risk of cardiovascular ailments amongst others. 


The slices of pork are added to these heavenly aromatics and stir-fried before mushrooms are added. The thick, caramelised soy sauce and Shaoxing wine are the finishing touch for a powerful flavour boost! 


Recipe: http://themeatmen.sg/stir-fried-pork-with-mushrooms/

Preparation time: 30 mins. Serves 3 to 4


7. Fluffy Ginger Fried Rice


This quick and easy ginger fried rice dish is the fluffiest, tastiest and easiest to whip up in a wok! On top of the benefits of ginger, this one meal wonder is packed with protein from the generous coating of eggs. Adding marinated chicken pieces and stir-frying them with sesame oil, minced ginger and garlic simultaneously adds a ton of flavour to this simple and delicious fluffy fried rice! It’s a satisfying meal for any time of the day. 


Recipe:  http://themeatmen.sg/ginger-fried-rice/

Preparation time: 20 mins. Serves 2 to 3


How to cook ginger

Ginger has been recognised for centuries for its array of health benefits. It is no wonder this spice root is so highly regarded for its proven remedies, such as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound. Incorporating ginger into your healthy diet is an effective way to boost your physical and mental state, so why not start today? If you try any of these recipes, share with us on the Meatmen FB Group




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