Air Fryer Pork Char Siew

Get hawker-grade Char Siew easily in an air fryer! The air fryer renders and crisps up the fat – giving the perfect juicy, succulent pork, and charred skin caramelized to perfection. Marinated in a sweet sauce that resonates with each bite, this quick and easy air fryer Char Siew Pork Recipe is both convenient and […]

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Traditional Mooncake

It’s almost Mid-Autumn festival, and this year we decided to show you guys how to make the classic lotus filling mooncake and yes, we like ours with salted egg yolk! This is perfect to make as gifts to loved ones and the best thing is that it’s pretty easy to make and not too time

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Kuih Talam

Kuih talam is a peranakan kuih dessert comprising of a green pandan and white coconut layer. An exquisite blend between sweet and savoury, the white layer packs a slightly salty and rich coconut flavour while the green pandan layer is soft, sweet and chewy. The green colour present in the kuih is formed naturally from

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Fried LaLa Bee Hoon

In Singapore, most of us eat really well but there are also a lot of underprivileged families struggling to make ends meet on a tight budget. We partnered with Food from the Heart to create recipes using items from their School Goodie Bag programme, with a budget of around $5 dollars to make meal that

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Prosperity Fortune Pot

The seafood version of Pen Cai by friends at Dishthefish is loaded with goodies like Boston Lobster tails, Japanese scallops, Littleneck Clams, Sea Cucumber, and Abalone. The sweetness form the seafood items together with red dates, wolfberries, black fungus and Far Cai makes for a prosperous dish for your coming Chinese New Year! You can

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Cantonese Roast Duck

Who doesn’t love a good roast duck with charred crispy skin and juicy meat? Many of us think that roast duck can’t be made at home. That’s what we want to demystify! Anyone can make this dish as long as the duck can fit in your oven! The crucial step is to make sure the skin is aired dry enough before the actual roasting process.

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Cheng Tng

A cooling and refreshing local dessert. Cheng Tng (??) literally means clear soup. This is what sets it apart from the other rich and creamy desserts like burbur chacha or ice kacang.

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Mee Soto

At first glance, one might think that Mee Soto is *just* souped noodles. That cannot be further from the truth! In Asia, Mee Soto is a hawker hero that can be found in almost every so many food store for a good reason – it’s damn sedap!

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