TCM Herb Butter Stuffed Turkey

Looking for a Christmas Turkey recipe to impress your guests? We’ve got it right here with a special “TCM Herb Butter Stuffed Turkey” that will wow your guests and fit right in as the Christmas centrepiece on your feasting table! TCM herbs are blended with butter to concoct an aromatic herb butter used as a …

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Peach Oolong Ice Cream

Get cafe-quality ice cream at home! This recipe show you a little hack to make creamy ice cream without a machine. Ice cream is one of the easiest things to make. We’re serving up deliciously delicate Peach Oolong Ice Cream, made with Magnolia Fresh Milk for fresh and creamy goodness. Perfect to beat any heat …

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Prawn Paste Chicken Cutlet

Prawn Paste Chicken, aka ‘Har Cheong Gai’ is beloved to any zi char or meat lover. The feeling of crispy CRUNCH that fills our mouths with flavor is unforgettable and the juices delightful. 

Rendang Spiced Sio Bak

In conjunction with FairPrice’s Finest Festival, and with inspiration from the Mod-Sin goodness from Chef Shen Tan, we came up with our own Mod-Sin dish of…. Rendang Sio Bak! Instead of using the regular five spice seasoning for Sio Bak, we created a rendang spiced paste for our marinade. The end result – a surprisingly …

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Lu Rou Fan with Ramen Egg

One of our favorite things to eat when we visit Taiwan, they serve them in small little bowls and you get to a Lu Dan (braised egg) or a sunny side up along with it. We recreated ours with one aim, which is when you taste it, your lips will somewhat get coated with a …

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Xiao Long Bao

Starting from humble origins in China, these delicate pockets of soup are no stranger to the Asian food scene. Piping hot soup mixed in with rich flavours from the pork waiting to burst through that thin silky dough skin – it’s simply irresistible!

Hakka Steamed Pork Belly with Taro

Originating from Hakka, this traditional chinese delicacy may seem to take a bit of time to prepare but it’s easier than you think. The simple trick to achieving that gorgeous bubbly crisp layer is to prick lots of holes in the skin without puncturing the meat itself. Slather on dark soy sauce and submerge it in hot oil, watch as the delicate layer of skin slowly puff up into that perfect golden brown coating.

Nyonya Bak Chang

The Nyonya Bak Chang is a fragrant, sweet-salty iteration of the Bak Chang created by the Peranakan people – it combines marinated pork, candied wintermelon and steamed mushrooms to achieve the wonderful blend of flavours you get with every bite. Our version uses lean pork shoulder meat instead of the fatty pork in traditional rice dumplings, as well as cekur root, or sand ginger, that gives the meat a more intense flavour that goes oh-so-well with the lightly salted glutinous rice.

Double Boiled Abalone Chicken And Morel Soup

BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken Original boosts the nutritional level of this tasty yet healthy dish. A simple and elegant double boiled soup is best presented over a Chinese New Year meal or any festive occasions.

Lobster Porridge

A decadent dish that will definitely impress your family and friends during Chinese New Year. Heavenly brand of Fragrant Jasmine rice is perfect for this dish. It absorbs all the rich flavour from the lobster, giving it a light and fresh taste. The ultimate comfort food.