Tofu Egg Mayo Sando

Get your protein gains with 5-minute Tofu Egg Mayo Sando 💪🏻 We were blown away with this Egg White Tofu from @fortunefoodmfgsg! It’s all egg white and tofu with protein (6.9g per tube) and no cholesterol. Plus, you can eat it with or without cooking. Easily satisfy your hunger pangs with this game changer 🤯

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Japanese Wafu Pasta

Impress everuone with your cooking skills (or lack thereof) with this super wholesome Japanese-fusion Wafu Spaghetti! This pasta recipe calls for familiar Asian ingredients like Shimeiji mushrooms, eggplants and dashi, mixed with other fresh ingredients of your choice! Tossed together with @sanremosg Spaghetti coated in an umami-packed dashi soy butter sauce, this dish is a must-try! Oishii!

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