Chicken Rice

This is our entry for Jamie Oliver’s Search for a Food Tube Star with Uncle Ben’s competition. If you’re a Singaporean, there’s NO CHANCE that you wouldn’t know our iconic dish – Chicken Rice.

We all know that Gordon Ramsay came to Singapore a couple weeks back to compete with our local hawkers, and this dish being one of the competing dishes, became our inspiration to pay tribute to the man himself. ????

With all the days of research done on the ultimate chicken rice, this is our tribute, done THE F WORD STYLE, to Gordon Ramsay. Enjoy

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  • Servings:

  • Time: 1 hr

  • Skill: Intermediate


  1. Chicken

  2. 1x chicken (1.6kg)

  3. 1 bunch spring onion

  4. ½ knob ginger (cut)

  5. Chicken Stock or water

  6. Rice

  7. 3 cup thai jasmine rice.

  8. 4 tbsp chicken fats, fried with 8 cloves of garlic(bashed) and ½ a knob of ginger(thick slices).

  9. 800 ml Chicken stock (from cooking chicken)

  10. a bundle of pandan leaf

  11. salt to taste

  12. Dressing

  13. ¼ cup light soy sauce

  14. 2 tsp sesame oil

  15. 2 tbsp rendered chicken fats

  16. 1 tsp sugar

  17. Chili sauce

  18. 6 red chilies, 4 chili padi (3:2 ratio)

  19. a knob of ginger thumb size

  20. half a bulb of garlic

  21. ¼ cup lime juice

  22. pinch of salt.

  23. Garnish

  24. 1 x Cucumber

  25. bunch of cilantro / coriander

  26. Optional

  27. Cook your own stock: 2 kilograms chicken carcasses, cover with cold water. Bring it up to a boil and simmer for 4 hours. Add water when neccessary. (or just buy pre-packed chicken stock)

  28. Brine chicken: ⅓ cup kosher salt and enough water to cover the chicken

  29. Render chicken fats. (Use the extra fats trimmed off near the chicken’s butt, or if you want more, ask from your local butcher)


  1. Chicken

  2. boil a pot of water or stock add in ½ knob ginger, 1 bunch spring onion and salt.

  3. when the stock is boiling hold chicken by the neck and ladle hot soup on it, until the skin looks cooked for around 10 mins. then plunge whole chicken inside water (thigh side down) and put back lid on.

  4. Bring it up to a boil then lid off and turn down heat to simmer for another 10 minutes. Next, lid on, GAS OFF and cook for 45 minutes. (cooking this way is akin to using the sous vide method. It makes the chicken so moist and tender)

  5. after 45 mins soak the whole chicken in a bowl of ice water for 15 minutes (This step is CRUCIAL to stop the cooking process and to get the jelly under the chicken skin)

  6. Rice

  7. Wash and drain 600 grams of Thai Jasmine rice, fry up a blub of garlic(peeled and bashed) and ½ a knob of ginger(thick slices) in 6 tbsp of chicken oil.

  8. Add the aromatic mix, and 800 ml of chicken stock to the rice. Plus a bunch of Pandan leaves, a big pinch of salt (to taste) and turn on the rice cooker.

  9. Once the rice is cooked remove the aromatics and give the rice a good fluff.

  10. Chili Sauce

  11. Peel a knob of ginger thumb size, smash half a bulb of garlic, add 6 normal chilies and 4 chili padi (amount can be adjusted add more chili padi if your like your chili sauce hot), squeeze a quarter cup of lime juice put them all in the blender, season with salt and blend them all together.

  12. To Serve

  13. Chop the chicken up and lay it on a bed of cucumber, pour the dressing on top and a bunch of coriander. Serve up the chicken with the steam rice and chili sauce, there you have it your own homemade Hainanese chicken rice.