Chicken and Bacon Bake Rice

Crisp, tantalizing bacon, shredded chicken, and delicious mozzarella cheese, over a hearty baked rice, what’s there not to like for this feast!
Serving up to 4, this recipe is really simple and can be done in an hour for your hearty celebration! We used the Heavenly Fragrant Brown Rice from Heavenly Rice, for it’s fibre-rich grain that’s not just yummy but healthy too. Check out their products at and you won’t have to haul your rice back from the supermarket!
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250g heavenly brown rice
500ml chicken stock
1tsp salt
300g shredded roast chicken
300g streaky bacon
100g corn kernel
¼cup mayonnaise
Black pepper to taste
150g shredded mozzarella cheese



Wash and add 250g heavenly brown rice to rice cooker
Mark as complete

Add 500ml chicken stock, 1 tsp salt and turn on rice cooker
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Cut 300g steaky bacon into small piece and lay it out of a large tray
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Bake in the oven at 165°C until bacon turns crispy and brown
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Drain bacon bites on paper towels
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Once brown rice is cooked, transfer to baking dish
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Spread ¼ cup mayonnaise over the brown rice, black pepper to taste and 300g shredded roast chicken over brown rice
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Next add 100g corn kernel, the baked bacon bits and sprinkle the top with 150g shredded mozzarella cheese
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Bake in the oven at 180°C for about 10 to 15 minutes until the cheese starts to brown
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