Golden Mile Complex: Our Stories and the Future of Your Favourite Shops

Bye Bye Golden Mile

 /></p><p><span style=For the past 50 years at Golden Mile Complex, we could get a Thai experience without boarding a flight. Known as an insider spot to gather for affordable and authentic Thai food, or even drinks and partying at a Siam Diu, it’ll be dearly missed by many when it closes in May 2023. 

That includes us at The Meatmen — who’ve spent many after-work hours hanging out at Golden Mile, and over time, made good friends with the community there. As a way to commemorate this special place, here’s a compilation of our favourite Golden Mile spots and where you can support these restaurants, bars, marts and Siam Dius post en-bloc. We’ve even got a comprehensive list of the new addresses of the stores, in the form of a Google Map!

Plus, exclusive stories from The Meatmen to share: 

1. Enclave Bar


The Meatmen’s story: When Jon (Recipe Developer, Talent) first stumbled across Enclave, they weren’t open for business yet (it was 4:30pm…) but the staff still invited him in for a cold, frothy glass of Guinness. Fast forward a few hours and an uncountable number of Thai-inspired cocktails later, we’re now great friends! 

Enclave by Ritz Ang (@abouritz) is a hidden gem of a cocktail bar tucked away beneath the bustling Golden Mile Complex. This cozy hideout is splayed with a variety of soft sofas that beg you to sink into them, and colourful neon lights. Step in, and you’ll be swept away by the infectious happy atmosphere: thumping beats, raucous laughter, and spontaneous singalong.

For now, Enclave hasn’t found a place to move to post en-bloc, but that’s not stopping them from holding a week-long closing party titled “Enclave to the grave”. And guess what — you’re invited! Come join them for a lively time from 27 March – 2 April 2023.

Enclave Bar 

Facebook | Instagram | Feature on Raise the Bar 

2. BeerThai House

 /></p><p><b>The Meatmen’s story:</b><span style= Stanley (Director) first came in 2018 for a company lunch with no expectations, but everything changed when he bit into the Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaf! He’s gone back multiple times and loves the place for everything it offers — with the vibes, sights, sounds and smells, it will be a place you’ll never forget. Or in Stan’s own words, “I go BeerThai House eat food. Yummy.”

BeerThai House boasts of a wide range of authentic Thai fare and food that’s fit for a king — literally, since Founder Somsak Chomprach was previously a chef for Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in 2009. 

BeerThai House

New Address: City Gate, 371 Beach Road, #02-37, S199597

Opening Date: 29 January 2023

Website: | Contact Number: 6291 2267

3. Golden Banana

 /></p><p><i><span style=Source: Seth Lui 

The Meatmen’s Story: From the first time Dickson (Business Development Manager) sunk his teeth into the Banana Fritters, he was completely hooked. Each bite has a mouthful of sweet banana, with crunchy nuts layered between the crispy batter pieces. Super SHIOK

If you haven’t already heard, Golden Banana is famous for its Thai Street Food, namely its Banana Fritters and Sweet Potato Balls. In fact, when Dickson wanted to treat our team to the same Banana Fritters (good things must share), one of our friends ended up “accidentally” wolfing down everything. He was eventually forgiven — as foodies ourselves, we understood the lack of self-control in the face of good food. Nevertheless, we’ll definitely be heading over to their new stall at City Gate real soon to get our cravings in check.

Golden Banana

New Address: City Gate, 371 Beach Road, #02-27, S199597

Opening Date: 1 April 2023 

Phone Number: 9755 5001

4. Sap Ubon

 /></p><p><b>The Meatmen’s Story: </b><span style=Our first encounter with Sap Ubon was a stroke of luck, when our usual go-to restaurant was out of Chicken Cartilage. Desperate for our fix, we explored Golden Mile and discovered Sap Ubon, and we’ve been regulars ever since. (Their Chicken Cartilage was absolutely amazing, by the way).

Sap Ubon is a food haven known for its authentic Thai Isaan cuisine. Asking the team for their favourite dish here led to a lot of protests, because how could we simply pick just ONE? Still, here are some standout dishes (that I managed to catch over the yelling): Thai BBQ Pork Collar, Thai Roasted Pork Belly with Basil and Rice and Thai Papaya Salad. 

From Mid April onwards, Sap Ubon will be moving to a home-based kitchen, so be sure to add our recommendations to your order! 

Sap Ubon

Order here: Facebook | Instagram | WhatsApp: 9778 0064

Opening Date: Mid April 

Phone Number: 9423 8865 

5. Baan Kanom Thai

 /></p><p><i><span style=Source: EatBook

The Meatmen’s story: We held a Labour Day pop-up event at Enclave Bar when we caught whiffs of aromatic pandan. Everyone perked up and started sniffing around (doggy-style) to find the source, and were met by the sight of Marisa’s brother — hidden behind 5 big boxes of Thai Pandan Pancakes from Baan Kanom Thai. Marisa (Marketing Director), our team’s sweet tooth representative, recommends the Pandan pancakes, or she otherwise terms, “tiny, green, UFO-looking snacks”.

Baan Kanom Thai serves up the best pandan and coconut pancakes that transport one right back to Thailand on the first bite. Despite the enbloc, Baan Kanom Thai’s here to stay, and better news yet — they’ll be reopening as a Thai restaurant, connected to its famous dessert kiosk. So now you can get both your mains and the green UFOs all at one place. 

Baan Kanom Thai

New Address: ARC 380, 380 Jalan Besar, #01-15, S209000

Opening Date: Not confirmed, moving March 2023

Website: | Contact Number: 9029 3098 

6. Fin Music Bar

 /></p><p><i><span style=Source: Quandoo

The Meatmen’s story: Jon sometimes drops by for a drink with Ritz, and runs into all their friends that live together in the Golden Mile. He loves getting drunk off the bustling atmosphere (and probably also getting drunk literally), and the homely feeling of how everyone knows everyone here. The close-knitted community at GMC is something we’ll surely come to miss. 

Fin Music Bar is a chill, hangout spot for the Golden Mile community. Though it’s a bar, Fin is equally well known for its delicious Thai Cuisine. The owner of Fin, Victor, is very serious about food (just like us!), which made him try and test his dishes over and over. 

One of his signature creations is the Prawn Vermicelli. This bowl of umami goodness is packed with glass noodles and huge, juicy prawns, braised in a claypot with a mix of herbs and spices, and drizzled with a generous amount of their signature homemade Thai seafood sauce. Slurp! 

Fin Music Bar

New Address: City Gate, 371 Beach Road, #B1-71, S199597

Opening Date: New outlet is already in operation 

Facebook | Instagram | Contact Number: 8933 8195

7. Diva Disco

 /></p><p><b>The Meatmen’s story: </b><span style=According to Candice (MarCom Designer), Diva’s so much more than a regular Siam Diu with a warm-hearted community behind the counter. She worked at Diva Disco for 4 months and didn’t start off as the best employee, but was graciously offered a second chance. There, she met the best people who somehow seem to know exactly when your ice needs a refill, or when you need a listening ear. It’s been a while since she left, but she still cherishes the memories she made at Diva deeply. “I still feel nothing but tender love and fondness for them and I wish them all the best,” she says.  

Diva Disco is not a place for the low-energied — flashing lights, loud EDM music, alcohol and “diao hua” makes this every clubber’s paradise.  While Diva has yet to find a place suitable for their reopening, they reassure everyone that they’ll definitely be back with a new space. Follow them on their Facebook for the updates on your next clubbing fix. 

Diva Disco


Last Date of Operation at Golden Mile: 15 April 2023

Contact Number: 9088 6487

Celebrating Golden Mile

We celebrate Golden Mile for all it is — the architecture that built a community, a safe space, the kampong spirit that thrives within. Even as we bid farewell to our Little Thailand, a question hangs at the back of our minds: As this era comes to a close, what will happen to everything it represents? Where and when else will we have the opportunity to rebuild this identity? 

In addition to sharing our stories, we’ve also partnered with our friends to host Bye Bye Golden Mile, to commemorate the history and spirit of Golden Mile. Including exclusive tours developed by residents and shopkeepers of Golden Mile, come join us and celebrate together! Sign up here

Click here for new addresses of the stores in a Google Map form!

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