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Tucked away in a little corner of Singapore, The Meatmen’s kitchen-studio is where we think, shoot and cook all your favourite recipe videos. For the first time ever, we’re opening our (virtual) doors to you! Follow our poster boy, Jon, and see what goes on behind the mouthwatering scenes of your favourite Meatmen videos.

 /></p><h2>Breakfast is the most important meal of the day</h2><p>Before Jon goes through his long list of to-dos for the day, he starts the day the best way we know how — a big plate of eggs! . There are 101 ways to make breakfast eggs, and today he’s going for the deceivingly simple scrambled eggs. It’s hard to get right, but of course, Jon knows the secret for the perfect plate (it’s all in the temperature control and folding).</p><p><img data-lazyloaded=first Meatmen recipe, we go through a thorough process to create the easiest-to-follow and most delicious tasting recipes (approved even by the fussiest member of our team, Marisa).


This Beef Bolognese recipe is inspired by the simple, homemade pasta meals Jon had while growing up. To recreate the nostalgic taste in a way that’s easy to follow, he uses canned tomatoes and tomato paste for a tangy pasta sauce. Tried, tasted and tested by our team, Jon measures out the ingredients into individual cookware for a seamless shooting session.



Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/beef-bolognese

Preparation Time: 30 (hours/minutes). Serves: 8 pax.


As a production house specialising in F&B, we shoot at least 4 recipes a week. That means pre-testing them (x4) and enjoying them as staff meals (x4) on shoot days.


But while it’s a lot of fun, cooking on shoots is very different from cooking at home. In fact, it’s like a ballet where everything is choreographed to a tee. Everything from the timing of each stir to the angle of each slice is carefully calibrated by the chefs, who by now are seasoned dancers who elegantly going through the steps of each recipe.

 /></p><p> </p><h2>Shoot days means having lunch at 2pm and getting hungry at 4pm</h2><div class=

 /></p><p>On most shoot days, we aim to get two recipe videos shot in a day, usually with a shorter recipe in the afternoon. For the second shoot, <a href=Chef Ros takes over the kitchen with her go-to recipe for Soft Bread Rolls. By 4pm, we’re smelling freshly baked bread and hearing stomachs growling.




Recipe: https://themeatmen.sg/kaya-soft-bread

Preparation Time: 30 (hours/minutes). Serves: 12 fluffy buns


Ros says the best part of making your own bread is that you can customise it as you like. Sea salt flakes? Yes. Bolognese filling? Why not. Kaya stuffing? Sounds amazing.


If you’ve seen our bread videos, you’ll know that we love experimenting with different combinations — and we’ve hit some amazing ones!

 /></p><p>?</p><h2>Dinnertime</h2><p>We’ll let you in on a secret… besides working together, everyone here at Meatmen are actually friends! So much so that having dinner together at the studio isn’t OT. Jon often whips up <a href=simple one-pot fried rice with whatever’s left in the fridge, and we call it a day.

 /></p><h2>Cooking in Style</h2><p>Whether you’re new to The Meatmen or been with us from the beginning, you have probably noticed that we love making food look <i>amazing</i>. And getting the right cookware is half the battle. Featured in this article are our favourites from <a href=Smeg’s first cookware collection.


Scrambled Eggs made in Frypan, 50’s Style.

Beef Bolognese made in Casserole, 50’s Style and Frypan, 50’s Style.

Soft Bread Rolls made in Deep Pan, 50’s Style.

Simple Dinners made in Wok, 50’s Style.


Your kitchen can be as beautiful as our Meatmen studio, or whichever chio kitchen fantasy you have! Here’s your chance, as Smeg is giving away a Smeg Frypan, 50’s Style, Cream (Retail Price: $178) to ONE LUCKY WINNER on our Instagram. To take part, check out this post for more information.


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