7 Geylang Serai Bazaar Dishes To Try At Home In 2022

Geylang Serai Food Recipes


After two gruelling years of battling Covid-19, the once silent streets started bustling with activities again with the return of the Geylang Serai and Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar this year. Held from 2nd April to 2nd May in conjunction with Ramadan, it was heartening to see Singaporeans gathered together again to celebrate the festivities.


It was also great to see so many amazing food stalls return, serving up both savoury treats and sweet delicacies. Not to worry if you’ve missed any, or are craving it again — here, we’ve got 7 favourite Bazaar food items that you can recreate at the comfort of your home.


1. Praffles by Foodtitude

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Acknowledged by NOC’s Food King, Praffles by Foodtitude is making its appearance once again in this year’s bazaar. In case you couldn’t tell by the name, Praffles is made with a unique batter that combines prata and waffles. It tastes exactly like how you would imagine – soft, airy and fluffy on the inside, with a crispy, slightly charred exterior that makes for an amazing mouthfeel.


To top off this killer combo, you can choose flavours like Truffle Cheese and Curry Chicken, or even Gula Melaka to satisfy a sweet tooth. We love the uniqueness and creativity of this dish, making it a must-try at Geylang Serai. 


On that note, if you’re looking for something similar to try out at home, our Coconut Waffles with Fried Chicken recipe might just be the waffle combination for you. Combining the familiar sweetness of waffles with the savoury, juicy chicken, this recipe brings out the best of both worlds too. 


2. Rancho Meats

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Meat-lovers, rejoice! Rancho Meats is here to save the day with their wickedly delicious pre-marinated meat, all snuggly packed into sub sandwiches. They’ve got seriously juicy and delicious cuts of meat, served in a bowl, bucket on bun. Not to mention, the over-the-top sides of fries, salads and sauces.


If you’re craving for a bite of these subs, the stall will be open at Geylang Serai Bazaar this year — or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try our easy meat recipes! Our Easy Char Siew Chicken recipe, for example, draws inspiration from the classic Cantonese Char Siu that is usually made of fatty pork shoulder. Now, you can have “Char Siu” chicken thighs or chicken wings, anytime you want. 



For a full sandwich, simply top with bread and your favourite vegetables for an all-rounded, nutritious sandwich!

3. Ramly Burgers

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A classic name at the Geylang Serai Bazaar every year, there is no way you’ve not heard of Ramly Burgers. A popular staple among all ages, the crowd favourite is back again this year to serve some addictive, juicy burgers! 


Every burger comes with a freshly grilled patty wrapped with a semi-runny egg, slathered lavishly with a savoury sauce. The result? A classic, juicy tastiness that’s perfect for lunch, dinner or a midnight snack. 


That said, if you’re having an insatiable craving, you can also try The Meatmen’s rendition of this delicious bazaar staple at home. 



Just a few hacks for you before you get started in the kitchen— toast the bread buns lightly with butter to obtain a fragrant crunchy texture and remember your sauces (we used curry powder, mayonnaise, chilli sauce and black pepper sauce to stay as close to the original taste)!


4. Satay Abg Botak

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Started off as a family business in Yishun, Satay Abg Botak finally made its debut in the Laloolalang Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar this year, serving yummy sticks of skewered meat at an extremely affordable price. 


However, we all know that cheap and delicious food means having to wait for really loooong to buy it. If you’re looking for something that could serve as a close substitute at home, we got you covered with our Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce recipe.



Be prepared to set aside at least 3 hours for marination to allow the satay sauce to be fully integrated into the chicken thigh meat. Another little pro-tip: coat your satay with a mixture of cooking oil, coconut milk and honey to obtain a slightly sweet taste that perfectly counterbalances the meaty flavour!


5. Kinglicious Popiah

Since we’re on the topic of Singaporean classics, another stall that we should look out for at the Kampong Gelam Ramadan Bazaar this year is Kinglicious Popiah! The folks behind it wonderfully combines the classic popiah with spring rolls, offering a scrumptious bite of filling enveloped by a crunchy popiah skin. 


What makes the stall unique is their specialty in seafood flavours— crabs, prawns and their signature salmon popiahs. If you’re looking for unconventional flavours, you have to give these popiahs a shot! We can’t wait for you to be as pleasantly surprised as us.


If you don’t have the time to head down to the bazaar this time, do check out our Popiah recipe to satisfy your cravings at home, anytime.



6. Markozar

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For all of you with a sweet tooth out there, there is a sweet treat in store for you at the Geylang Serai Bazaar this year— Markozar! Fully geared up, Markozar is ready to serve unique yet mouth watering Martabak Manis (Indonesian sweet pancake) that will leave you wanting for more! 


Featuring all six flavours in the bazaar, every Martabak Manis is lathered with abundant butter, cheese and other accompanying flavours. If you’re new to Markozar, we recommend their Nutella Falls, which consists of a generous portion of crushed peanuts on top of nutella chocolate sauce.


With a creation process very similar to that of Min Jiang Kueh, this recipe can be a good starting point for those who wish to make something similar to Markozar’s Martabak Manis. Go creative with your toppings like how the folks at Markozar did it: the sky’s the limit. 




7. Chulop X Boms and Buns

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While churros have not been a regular item at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, Chulop may just change things up from this year onwards, making their debut in the marketplace as the first Muslim-owned churros snack bar in Singapore. 


Soft and chewy on the inside yet crunchy and crispy on the outside, churros embody the perfect balance between a plethora of textures. With just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar, the churros can easily become an addictive snack that people can’t get their hands off from! Their Cookie Crunch Churros in particular, are extremely popular among the bazaar goers.


For an easy alternative, check out our Churros recipe to prepare your very own plate of delicious churros at home. Don’t worry, it can be accomplished easily with an airfryer! 



We hope our recipes will be helpful to satisfy your cravings for the different stalls/dishes featured in this year’s Geylang Serai Bazaar. Do share with our Meatmen FB group should you try them out! 


Be creative with these recipes, and you might just be surprised! Do check out our YouTube page if you wish to explore more similar recipes.



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