6 Valentine’s Day Picnic Ideas in Singapore

Valentine’s Day date ideas 2023


Do you enjoy good food, but find restaurants/cafes to be too crowded on Valentine’s Day to visit with your partner? Well, instead of squeezing with tons of others in fully booked-out restaurants and crowded shopping malls, try a picnic to enjoy quality time with your other half — with delicious food that can be prepped and packed for the occasion!  


We’ve got your back with ideas for both the venue and some awesome recipes to go along with it. From a romantic date to a friend gathering, here are 6 popular picnic spots in Singapore, each with varying sceneries and vibes: 


1. Palawan Beach

This goes out to the beach-lovers out there who like themselves some sea breeze while picnic-ing! Located in the heart of Sentosa, Palawan Beach is the perfect combination of beautiful views and convenience. 

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Some Pulled Mushroom Tacos would be great for a beach picnic, as it is both easy to eat and filling! These tacos are also vegetarian-friendly, replacing pulled pork with pulled king oyster mushrooms for a delicious and chewy texture.  


When it comes to the beach, cocktails are a must! We recommend our homemade Mojito, a popular classic cocktail that just simply can’t go wrong. It is also easy to prepare with only a few ingredients required. 


If you’re up for something more adventurous, why not try our Thai Basil Smash? A delightful fusion of herbs and alcohol, it is refreshing and the go-to drink for a hot summer day at the beach! 


Featured Recipes

Pulled Mushroom Tacos

Homemade Mojito

Thai Basil Smash


Sentosa Island, Palawan Beach, Singapore 099981 | Getting there


2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Surrounded by lushes of greens and flowers, there are huge grass patches at the Botanic Gardens that are designated picnic spots for couples, family and friends. The area is a little secluded with fewer food options around, but fret not as you can be your own chef with these recipes (which can be easily executed just with an airfryer!) 

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The Gochugaru Elotes is an easy way to elevate your usual corn-on-a-cob into something savoury and addictive, and the Air Fryer Ngoh Hiang is a good snack to curb your fried food craving without gaining too much calories. 

Just a side note, don’t forget to have your insect repellent packed for the occasion! 


Featured Recipes

Gochugaru Elotes

Air Fryer Ngoh Hiang


Address: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569 | Getting there

3. East Coast Park

The Singaporean favourite for (almost) any outdoor activity, East Coast Park is a classic spot for picnic afternoons—even nights. With a brilliant view of the vast sea coupled with chirping birds, get the full local experience by bringing your partner for a picnic here!


 /></p><p><span style=Image Credit: @da__23


Since the park is prime spot for barbecuing, why not get into the vibe with some yummy barbecued food that can be prepped at the comfort of your home? The jiggly Kong Bak Pau beautifully encapsulates the savouriness of the pork belly and tanginess of the pickled cucumbers.



Pair that with some delicious marinated BBQ Chicken Wings, and you’re in for a yummy, uniquely Singaporean picnic by the sea.

The Bandung Gao is an interesting cocktail featuring bandung (rose syrup with milk), which sees its origins in Indonesia. The sweet and creamy concoction packs a punch with some rum, and serves as good complementary drinks to the kong bak pau and chicken wings.


Featured Recipes

Kong Bak Pau

BBQ Chicken Wings

Bandung Gao


Address: E Coast Park Service Rd | Getting there

4. Jurong Lake Gardens

 /></p><p><i><span style=Image Credit: @rajanoorhidayah

This goes out to the westies out there—a good place to have a picnic in the West will definitely have to be the Jurong Lake Gardens. Not only is the area quiet and peaceful, there are also indoor areas within the garden (Passion Wave @ Jurong Lake Gardens) to stay protected against the rain. If you want a serene environment to enjoy conversations with your partner, this is the place to add into your picnic-spots list!


Address: 100 Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 618662 | Getting here


5. Marina Barrage

Perhaps the first place that comes to mind when it comes to picnic spots in Singapore, the Marina Barrage offers gorgeous views that attract tons of families and couples every weekend. It is also a pet-friendly place, for couples who wish to bring their fur kid(s) out for a fun afternoon. 

 /></p><p><i><span style=Image Credit: @dicksonpphotography


If you are planning to do other things on the picnic e.g. fly kites, here are some snacks that you can prepare to enjoy after these activities! The Italian Almond Cookie Sandwich is small and sweet, and can be easily enjoyed in between your kite flying or pet walking session. Have some good creamy and buttery Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes to go along with the sandwich, and enjoy your afternoon without tiring yourselves out with the prep work!


Drinks wise, you can consider going for a Coffee Tonic—a cocktail mixing espresso and rum for a good pick-me-up or a Dirty Coffee Banana Milkshake, which also provides a caffeine boost but with an interesting addition of banana and milk.


Featured Recipes

Italian Almond Cookie Sandwich

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Coffee Tonic

Dirty Coffee Banana Milkshake


Address: 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018951 | Getting there


6. Jewel Changi Airport


Last but not least, this might be an unexpected one —Jewel Changi! While it may not seem like it, many people actually enjoy a good picnic amid the bustling shopping crowd near the iconic fountain. It is also a good alternative in the event of wet-weather and what’s better, it is fully air-conditioned!


 /></p><p><i><span style=Image Credit: @caithlynm_


Add some spice into your picnic with our Decorative Bento, a fun variation of typical bentos. Not only are they visually eye-catching, healthy and yummy, making a ‘deco-ben’ together is also a good bonding activity for partners!


Featured Recipe

Decorative Bento


Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666 | Getting there 


Picnic food ideas

Picnics are a good way for partners to spend quality time together without having to spend too much money, from the prep work all the way to the actual event. We hope that our recommendations above have just given you the motivation to start planning for the next picnic date with your partner!


If you need more ideas, do check out the Meatmen FB group to see what others are doing on their picnics! For other similar recipes, do check out our YouTube page as well.


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