6 Plant-Based Recipes To Try: Tofu-fried “Chicken”, Cocktails, and More!

Plant-based recipes 2023


For many Singaporeans, we’ve grown up eating our fair share of Cai Png, Nasi Padang, Char Shao rice, and the like. So the idea of porting over to a plant-based diet seems… almost impossible! 


But what if we told you that there are… magic vegetables that make for amazing meat substitutes? Tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes and more – some of these plants can even make you delicious cocktails. 


Plant-based recipes don’t have to be boring – they can be nutritious and satisfying at the same time. And this article’s here to prove that: 


1. Tau Kwa Satay

Satay isn’t satay without peanut sauce. In this recipe, we teach you how to make your own delish satay sauce using every Asian condiment you can possibly find: lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, coriander, Kicap Manis, and more. 


Of course, you’ll now need a firm, satisfying bite of protein to accompany your sauce. What about a 2-pack Fortune Tau Kwa Satay, charred to juicy perfection?


P.S. Watching out for calories? 100g of Tau Kwa consists of 110 calories, in comparison to 165 calories in chicken meat. 


Preparation Time: 20-30 minutes 

Serves 1 to 2 pax 


2. Katsu Curry Rice

If you haven’t already known by now, tofu is the golden child of plant-based diets. In this recipe, simply replace your regular pork or chicken cutlet with fried mini tofu nuggets. It’s light yet indulgent – crispy on the outside, velvety on the inside. 


Perfect as a snack, you can also amp it up with Japanese curry sauce for a more complete and comforting meal.


Pro tip: For your curry sauce to have a thicker consistency, remember to cook it longer over a slow fire and add enough potatoes! 


Preparation Time: 45 minutes     

Serves 1 to 2 pax 


3. Creamy Miso Mushroom Pasta

Here’s one for our lactose intolerant pals. Today at the Meatmen Kitchen, we show you how to conquer the mission (im)possible of creating cream without dairy


Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, dairy products and cream can inevitably make us feel full and overly-satiated. Well, not in this pasta recipe, where we blend miso and silken tofu instead – the creamy, velvety texture from tofu will mimic that consistency of cream once mixed in with miso. 


Throw in sauteed mushrooms, fried tofu, or anything you like. Perfect for a TGIF meal! Not sure about you, but this is definitely going to be my next kitchen experiment.


Preparation Time: 40 minutes

Serves 1 to 2 pax 


4. Vegan Fried “Chicken”

Anyone a fan of Green Dot here? If you haven’t tried, their butter “chicken” dish is to die-for. If it weren’t a vegetarian spot, I wouldn’t have known that it wasn’t a meat dish! 


Same goes for this mini snack recipe we have here – a tofu-fried chicken tender. It’s got fibre, it’s got protein, and it’s got bite. 


All you need is to tear up one (or two) pack of pressed tofu, coat it in generous layers of cornstarch, marinate it in spices and pepper. Viola! An easy, crispy mid-day treat for you. 

Preparation Time: 20 minutes     

Serves 1 to 2 pax 


5. Bloody Mary

You know Mary’s… Bloody good when it’s got that fresh taste of tomato that hits the sweet, tangy spot. 


In this video, learn how to make a solid cocktail with Raise The Bar’s bartenders who add a zesty spin to this drink using burnt red capsicum distillate and mushroom marinade reduction. 


Who knew mushroom, capsicums and tomatoes would be so delicious in a drink? Take a mid-day break with this spiked vegeterian smoothie! 


Preparation Time: 10 minutes     

Serves 1 pax 


6.  Amaretto Sour


Saving the best for the last – you can never go wrong with an Amaretto Sour


My favourite part of this cocktail is the earthy taste of nuts, paired superbly well with the sweet flavour of plum and lemon. If you like something that’s refreshing, I promise this is the drink for you. 


Just be careful not to overload it! This cocktail’s a sneaky one just because of how tasty it is. 


Once again, we learn from Raise the Bar, who teaches us some techniques of icing, shaking, mixing and garnishing this almond-based cocktail. 

Preparation Time: 10 minutes       

Serves 1 pax 


Easy plant-based recipes


Eating healthy in Singapore may be challenging, given the easy access to tons of yummy food at cheap prices. However, having plant-based meals can support a healthier gut system, and perhaps make you feel better holistically! 


We hope these 6 easy recipes got you intrigued about what magic plant-based ingredients can make. As a die-hard meat fan, I’m convinced that these recipes are worth experimenting with. 



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