7 Last-Minute Christmas Recipes

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Christmas Recipes

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way… it’s that time of the year again! While this is the second pandemic-Christmas, it is heartening to see that the festive spirit is still very much alive. 


It has been a hectic year – and some of us still feel it at home and at work, leaving little time to plan our Christmas meals. That said, it’s not too late! With these 7 mouth-watering last-minute recipes, there’s no such thing as “no time” to celebrate Christmas. 


1. Pineapple Maple Mustard Glazed Ham

Well, have we ever seen Christmas parties without ham? We dare say this is an essential staple that appears on every party table. Not only is it an incredibly easy zhng-up to store-bought ham, but it also serves up to 10 pax, making it an ideal menu item for sharing with a group. 




By combining the tanginess of pineapple juice, spice from the herbs and sweetness of the maple syrup, this combination of contrasting flavours gives the ham a full-bodied and well-balanced taste that will satisfy even the pickiest palate. 


Pro tip: top it off with some sweet, caramelised pineapple slices to make the flavours pop. 


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/pineapple-maple-mustard-ham/ 

Preparation Time: 2 Hours. Serves 10.


3. Easy Air-Fryer Churros


It’s not Christmas without a sweet treat! Even if you are not much of a cook, you are in luck – you can whip this dessert up with kitchen appliances you already have sitting at home, like your microwave and air-fryer. It’s simple to heat up the churros (2 minutes and 160 degrees in the air-fryer), so you can make these in advance and still have piping hot churros for your party! 


Pair the churros with your favourite toppings, such as cinnamon and brown sugar. Store-bought spreads like Nutella work great as well so you don’t have to make a sauce from scratch. 


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/air-fried-churros-?????/ 

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes. Serves 3. 

3. Grilled Prawn Tacos


For something so simple to put together, this recipe for grilled prawn tacos certainly packs a punch! Enveloped within a lightly toasted tortilla wrap, the juicy grilled prawns, marinated with gochugaru or red pepper flakes, is balanced nicely with the yogurt sauce and cabbage slaw. 


Yet another simple dish to make, this is best suited for gatherings where you want to eat less per dish and have a bit more of everything.


For even more variety, another great taco recipe here for Chicken Karaage Tacos


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/prawn-taco-cabbage-slaw/ 

Preparation Time: 15 minutes. Serves 6. 


4. Baked Miso Salmon



If you are looking for more seafood options, you definitely have to check out our baked miso salmon! Picking a generous portion of the salmon fillet makes the dish a filling one for your guests. 


The miso marinade is simple to put together, however, do be prepared to set aside some time for this as the marinade has to be refrigerated for a minimum of four hours to achieve a deeper flavour. What are you waiting for? Get started now and have it ready just in time for your next gathering! 


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/baked-miso-salmon/  

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes. Serves 4.


5. Christmas Eggnog


What’s a Christmas gathering/party without a Christmas cocktail? A classic Christmas Eggnog might just be what you need after a hearty meal. A traditional holiday drink which resembles the milkshakes you get in diners, the eggnog (egg punch) is complimented with meringue to give a creamy yet thirst-quenching beverage.  


Don’t worry, children can enjoy the drink too! Simply forgo the alcohol and there you go, a drink that will bound to make them smile. 


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/christmas-eggnog/ 

Preparation Time: 1 Hour. Serves 5.


6. Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce


A versatile dish that could be both a main or a dessert, our bread pudding with vanilla sauce is something not to be missed! Although it looks complex, preparation steps are actually surprisingly straightforward. 


The chewy, firm texture of the bread cubes contrasts with the fluffy pudding component, making this dish more dimensional and incredibly enjoyable. Furthermore, the recipe utilises soy milk, which is friendly towards our lactose-intolerant and vegan friends! Add some bourbon if you like a little alcoholic kick in your pudding. 


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/bread-pudding-vanilla-sauce/ 

Preparation Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes. Serves 6-8.


7. Easy and Good Salads


This goes out to our health enthusiasts out there! If anyone says that healthy and delicious don’t come together, they haven’t seen our salad recipes. 


First up is the smoked duck pomegranate salad, where the smoked duck ticks off the protein box and provides a delicious and overall well-balanced meal. 


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/smoked-duck-pomegranate-salad/ 


Roasted chicken is another great salad star, and is super easy to get from any supermarket deli near you. While on the same grocery trip, grab some cherry tomatoes and bread to complete this simple salad. 


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/roast-chicken-garden-salad/


The words “fried” and “salad” may not always go well together, but this special air-fried vegetable salad makes it work. We top it off with a complementary yogurt sauce that is equal parts healthy and delicious. 

We can’t wait for you to try these out for yourself!


Recipe: https://themeatmen.org/air-fried-vegetable-salad/ 

Christmas Recipes

With Christmas coming round the corner, consider yourself covered with Meatmen’s huge variety of festive dishes that are bound to please everyone in the room. We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a yummy one too! 



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